Sunday, October 29, 2006


As promised, pictures of little me in my pirate drag:

And Caroline in her Polynesian dancing costume.

More pictures were taken; anything better than the above will be shared.

We were both big hits at the party (which was fabulous, by the bye), and I felt dead sexy the whole time. Definitely worth all the energy and cash I invested. I want to wear it some more now! I will probably wear it Halloween night, but since I'm going to be sitting home doling out sweets to undeserving children, I probably won't feel quite so special. I'll have to brush up on my pirate jargon to amuse the kiddies, though. Shiver me timbers!

So anyway, Happy Halloween to you!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Untitled Entry

Hey, kids! Sorry to have been out of touch for so long, but life has been... well, not exactly hectic so much as surprisingly time-consuming. I've been feeling tired a lot lately, largely I think due to the fact that my work (which was so exciting and busy as of our last printing) quickly devolved into an utter drudgery of daily filing after we moved back to our regular office: there's simply nothing more wearying than daily boredom. I've also continued putting on weight (I'm up to 255 lbs. now), and I think it's contributing to my tiredness, too... it's no picnic schlepping all this extraneous avoirdupois around with me.

So anyway, I get home from work too tired to do much of anything. I participate a little on the message boards, I eat dinner, I watch a little TV, I go to bed at nine. Not very exciting. Nothing to write home about, nor to write anywhere else. Hence no writing.

Well, my stint at OUSD finally came to an end last week, and I was immediately reassigned to Coca-Cola, doing reception and switchboard at the Oakland corporate office. It was kind of fun, I got to wear neckties, and the work was incredibly easy. It was a little boring, especially since they didn't give me computer access, but they let me do whatever I wanted behind the desk otherwise... I read a lot of magazines, and some fiction, and even took up sketching to fill in the blank hours... I haven't sketched in years, I forgot how to do a lot of it, but was surprised how good I was after so many years of not doing it at all.

Unfortunately, just as I was getting used to the pace and improving my sketching and getting some letters written and even writing a couple of vignettes for the book (by hand, can you imagine?), my assignment there came to a sudden end: the regular receptionist's jury duty let out earlier than expected, so they didn't need me anymore. And now here I am with an unexpected day off, maybe an unexpected several days.

Aside from doing some laundry and some living-room-cleaning, I'm going to try and catch up on some writing. I haven't touched Worst Luck in ages, and I really have got the fire in my belly right now to do some fiction.

On the other hand, right now I'd rather have the paycheck than the opportunity to exercise the muse. I splurged quite a bit on my Halloween costume, investing nearly three hundred dollars into an outfit for one night (not counting the staggering fees I got slapped with when I overdrew my bank account last week due to this folly). Fortunately, I am going to look so damned fabulous come Halloween that it might all be worth it... I'll post pictures as soon as I have them.

But at any rate, unemployment is not as comfortable as it might have been if I'd kept it in my pants (the money, I mean). Oh, well, we take what we're given... I really did need an opportunity to get this laundry done, I haven't got a damned thing to wear. I hope your day is going better than you expected! Love and hugs!