Saturday, April 14, 2007

See Robert Go To Work! Work, Robert, Work!

I know you've all been sitting on the very edges of your seats, waiting to see how my new job is going. Well, it's going great! And I just got a paycheck, a fat one, which makes everything nicer.

Anyway, since I'm a visual person and expect you're also a visual person, I have some visuals to let you know what my new job's like!

Here's the building in which I work. It's gorgeous! Well, I think it's gorgeous... I love the curve of it, the size of it, the bluey-greeny-ness of it. Count up nine floors, slide over to the far right, and that's where my department sits... the company takes up the whole floor, and we're about to take over the second floor as well.

Actually, I come at it from the other side, but I couldn't stand in the middle of a four-lane thoroughfare to get a picture, so I took it from the shoreline park beside the building (which is much prettier when the tide is in).

Here is a shot of the lobby of our building. Again, I come at it from the other side, since I park in the garage behind the building, but this is what visitors see (that glass balcony is the second floor that we're taking over; my boss hopes that our department gets moved down there, so in case of a fire we can get all the way outside without having to schlep down a lot of stairs):

Then I take the elevator up to my floor. I have to have a security badge to make the elevator work, and it's coded so that I can only press the button for my own floor... I can't get off anywhere else. It's a little irritating, particularly when the card-reader is being lazy, but it's kind of cool, too. Then I get off the elevator, and say "Hi" to the receptionst while picking up my department's mail; the tiny black dot just visible over the reception counter is the backup receptionist (the regular receptionist would be a gray dot, but she's on vacation); behind her is the Directors' boardroom. One always likes to be aware of when the Directors are there, because they get catered meals that we get to share.

Then I stop off at my desk, which I love! It's so comfortable, especially now that I've added a few homey touches to make it my own (sharp-eyed readers might recognize some tchotchkes from my old office at the union):

Sometimes, if I get bored with my own cube, I go look out the windows. We have spectactular views from every window on our floor, there are no taller buildings nearby to block us (and so I hope our department doesn't move down to the second floor, where the only view is of the trees blocking the windows).

The first window is the CFO's window, which I can see from my desk and which I look through quite frequently; the second window is in my department head's office, where I spend a lot of time:

And finally, here I am sitting in my cube (we call them "cubes" rather than cubicles... and they are roughly cubic, though not quite as tall as they are wide and long), posing for the New Hires feature in our internal newsletter:

So there's really not all that much left to tell. I'm still learning some of the details of my job, but I am fairly secure in knowing what I'm doing most of the time. I am still enjoying myself, still looking forward to getting to work in the morning, and not nearly as excited about getting off work as I was at previous situations.

In other news... well, there really isn't other news right now. And I have a headache (my allergies finally kicked in this week), so I'm going to cut this short. Have a beautiful day!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Alanis Morissette Rocks My World!

I was never a huge fan of the whining and weeping, though I have enjoyed some of her songs; and then there's the fact that she took Ryan Reynolds off the market, for which I'm not quite sure I can forgive her.

But then I found this video on YouTube, and my entire opinion of her has been revolutionized. To me, the greatest personality trait anybody can have is a sense of humor about him- or herself; and the following clip is not only a wonderful spoof of the song it covers, but a spoof on the usual dark gravity of Ms. Morissette's genre.

Not entirely safe for work, but by far the most brilliant thing I've seen in I-don't-know-how-long.

Could you just die?!

So anyway, the new job is going amazingly well... everybody is sooo nice, each and every one of them seems genuinely happy to be there, and the work isn't at all difficult but is complex enough to keep my interest, and the coffee machine (a Flavia system) is the coolest thing ever! I keep waiting for something bad to happen to balance out the unspeakable joy of my workday.

But I'm tired! All this exaltation takes it out of a girl!