Sunday, October 6, 2002

And, my dear, I'm still here...

That's a little snip from my favorite song in Follies. It's a song about survival. I love survival! Not that I'm all that into surviving, myself, but I always admire it in others... you're basically turning the events of your life into a virtue by simply not dying from them. Most people don't die from misfortune... but only a few know how to present themselves as the victors over their misfortunes by simply not dying.

I sometimes wish I could be such a person. In my own life, survival is a foregone conclusion. What am I going to do, just stop living because things aren't going my way? I guess what I'm trying to say is that Surviving is really just a socially acceptable form of Complaining. And I love socially acceptable forms of socially unacceptable behavior. If you know what I mean.

So my cold is gone, I feel pretty good except for spasms in my lower back. It's very hot outside, and I have to clean my garage today... fortunately, it will be cool in the semisubterranean garage. There's nothing on television, but then there seldom is. I went to a nifty crafts fair with Caroline today and spent way to much money on jewelry that doesn't sparkle... and Caroline spent too much money on photographs of landscapes and seascapes and what-have-you with great lighting and colors. We looked, together, at a lot of unforgiveably banal artwork, and saw lots of craftworks we'd love to have if only we could afford them. We even considered going halvies on a home sushi maker, so that we could make sushi-like hors-d'ouerves with cooked fish.

And that's pretty much all that's going on with me today... all that I can talk about, anyway. There's something big a-brewing in the Manners Life, but I'm not ready to talk about it.

"So why are you talking at all, you nattering old queen?" Because, my dear... I'm still here.


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