Monday, February 24, 2003

Do I Have to Have a Title?

I'm so bloody tired. I had pretty much the same weekend I had last weekend, drag fabulousness and wearying rehearsals and shopping with Grandmother and people getting in my way, but in a different order all on the same day and without the neice or the rain or the filthy stinking hippies. On Friday, I pretty much did nothing, except that I took some cool pictures of trees and things on my walk after posting the previous item. On Saturday I tried cleaning my room (and succeeded in a small way, clearing a good path between my bed and my door, getting all my dirty clothes into the hamper and clean clothes into the drawers).

On Sunday, I did far too much: I went grocery shopping with the Grandmother, and every other slow and oblivious elderly person within a ten-mile radius (most frustrating, because you can't get mad at old people, it's not their faults they're slow and oblivious); then I went to rehearsals, where we sat on the floor for two hours reading through the script (I have a whole line! Way at the end, so I'll have plenty of time to rehearse! I'm "Marla" the drag queen! I'm thrilled and terrified!) and another hour and some-odd minutes of dancing again (I felt a little more adept this time, especially since I was careful to stand amid people who hadn't been at rehearsal last week); then I got back to Oakland so I could shave and paint and change for a show at the White Horse, hosted by Mz Rumors Angelique DeVil and Mz White Horse Lady Cranberry under the ægis of the Grand Ducal Council of Alameda County, in benefit of the Berkeley Free Clinic; then I got to the show, with Caroline and Miss Daisy, and had a lovely time altogether, chatting with Princess Johnson and Candie Swallows and Romy Michelle and Grace Fully and Terra Cotta of the Galaxy, though these last three were not "in face" for the evening, as well as a number of other fun and fabulous folks (though I brought my camera with me, I neglected to take any pictures). Then afterward, Caroline and I went to Merritt for hamburgers. Then I went home, getting there at about midnight, having been up and pretty much continuously in motion since 10 a.m.

It's funny... when I'm busy like this, I can never think of anything terribly interesting to write about. I just don't have the brain-space left over for deep or analytical thought, so all I can do is chronicle my many doings. And then I get bored with merely chroncling, so I start abbreviating my stories into a précis format that allows for little in the way of humor or style or interest. And no matter how bored I am with my own writing, I do not want to get out of the habit of writing at least every other day (not counting weekends).

To turn to the usual blog format, there are some articles and things I've read lately online that have caught my interest. For example, Ashley linked to an article by Senator Robert Byrd that I found satsifyingly well-written (it's such a relief to discover that there are some people in Washington who are not idiots or the toadies of idiots... for who is the greater fool, the fool who leads or the fool who follows him?) Jhames has started a project that has garnered a lot of "press" and praise, Autoerotica; I haven't been able to get too much into it, as it deals in a level of reality that I simply am not in the correct frame of mind to enjoy just now... I need my fourth wall. So you go visit and tell me what you think. And finally, here is an entertaining intelligence test (I got a 9, having fallen for two trick questions), and an Australian swimwear vendor with only two products in various colors but filling their site with some very nice galleries.

So I think I'll go do some work or something now. Or maybe have lunch. Or something. I don't know. Toodles!

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