Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I Wondered Where That Went

Well, kiddies, I didn't get as far into my room-cleaning as I'd hoped I would. I've thoroughly gone through everything, I've done four loads of laundry, I've put two large green garbage-bags full of trash and two quire-sized boxes of paper-recycling out of the room, and rearranged the furniture around the door for better balance and efficiency. I can see most of my carpet, I found about $20 in random bills and God-knows-how-much in loose change, and I am well-supplied with expensive lotions and unguents that I'd quite forgotten I had. But the drawers and shelves are still in disarray, I can't get into my bed for the dirty clothes on it (I had to sleep on the couch last night), and I haven't even tried the closet yet.

Ah well, a work in progress. I had hoped to make better use of my four-day weekend, but with taking the Grandmother shopping on Friday and the King & Queen of Hearts show on Saturday, after the particularly grueling week that preceded them, come Sunday I was so tired that all I could do was lay in bed and watch movies. My manic phase left me high and dry. Then, I can't just leap out of bed and start cleaning on Monday morning... I didn't get up until noon and it took me three hours to pull my shit together. But still, I managed to do more in one day than I've managed to do in the last two years... I found so many things that I hadn't seen in ages, or had thought I'd lost, or forgot I'd even owned.

Look at that: three different deodorant sticks, almost entirely unused! Look at that: a black belt with a silver buckle, and another black belt with a silver buckle, and yet another black belt with a silver buckle! (and yet I can never find a black belt when I want one, leading me to assume I haven't got one, so then I buy one, hence the multiples). Look at that: a half-full bottle of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist that my hair loves and which I think they stopped making! Look at that: all of my notebooks from college! I have no memory of some of these classes! Look at that: four pairs of old glasses, all broken! Look at that: twenty different Chap-stiks, some still in their original plastic wrap! Look at that: a half-dozen bottles of 10W-40 motor oil! Look at that: several videos, CDs, and books that I never opened, still in their bags! (it was like Christmas!)

And then there were the trips down memory lane... the contents of two of my "storage" objects (my dressing-table and my Volvo) had been dumped willy-nilly into the room at various moments during the last year, so there were a lot of things floating around that hadn't seen the light of day in quite some time. Like a lot of my old jewelry, and Volvo fuses galore, audio cassette tapes, photographs and postcards, expired medications and makeup, movie tickets and odd souvenirs. I threw away everything but the photographs and direct correspondence. And the jewelry (I have no use for it, but somebody might... it will go to the same place as the clothes I discard, probably the Salvation Army). And the tapes (though I don't have a tape-player in my car anymore, I couldn't bring myself to throw them out). And some of the odd souvenirs... I kept the hotel shower cap from my first trip to Hawai'i but threw away the twelve-year-old Delta Airlines peanuts that were with it. So mostly I threw away things that I should never have kept in the first place.

Even though I didn't finish, I am very satisfied and happy with myself about the progress that I have made. I look forward to getting this room set up and clean and dusted and organized... maybe by this time next week it will be finished. I'm going to keep chipping away at it during the week, and once it's done I will do what I can to keep it clean.

In other news, I finished The Davinci Code on Saturday morning. It was quite satisfying as a read, but I'm not sure what all the hub-bub is about... though I intend to get Mr. Brown's other novels and enjoy them, too. I also watched my first-ever DVD on the DVD/VCR machine my uncle gave us last week, a silly little film called Caligula. It was... interesting. Lots of ass. It was produced by Bob Guccione, so there was a lot of tit, too. Big sets, cool costumes, much decadence, little sense, great actors (O'Toole, Gielguid, Mirren, etc.)... highly recommendable.

So anyway, that's me today, nothing profound or even very interesting to say, just checking in.

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