Friday, September 10, 2004

Light Housekeeping

I woke up today feeling a little more energetic than usual... very nearly "tweaky," truth be told — just tweaky enough to look some HTML code square in the face, so I made a few long-overdue changes here on the page. A couple of pictures, some upcoming performance info (which I will try to keep updated), and two Vote-for-Me links in the right-hand column. I have some more pictures I need to add (like Madasin, who is becoming an increasing presence in this blog), but I have to get them and scan them first.


To my drag-queen (and -king) and tranny friends, please go to Trashique and post a picture (or two) to be rated... it's a brand-new website, and it looks like it can be a lot of fun with more people involved. And to my GLBT-blogging buddies, I encourage you to sign up at Freedom Forum, it's a great directory for GLBT blogs (and if you have sufficient high-speed connection and a decent sound system, it has lots of music and talk-show goodness... or so I'm told, I have DSL but no sound at work and great sound but antediluvian dial-up at home, so I haven't really been able to listen).


I've got a busy couple of days ahead. Today I have to pack up the storage rooms at work, separating out the trash from the keepers and putting every remaining loose object into a box. The movers won't move anything that is not furniture and is not a box, and so much of our stuff is floating around loose. Thank God the heat's letting up a bit, it's so hard to do physical labor when it's hot.

Then tomorrow, I have a lot of drag to do, starting with the ISE (Alameda County Imperial) Coronation at 6, then a fundraising event sponsoring Deepa Swamy & Kenneth Benton for the AIDS Marathon in Hawaii; Cookie Dough is putting the event on at Harvey's at 10:30 (I hope I can stay awake that late), a venue I've never performed... though back when Harvey's was The Elephant Walk (I'm seriously dating myself here), I used to "perform" badly there, getting drunk and slightly disorderly on spectacular happy-hour martinis. The Elephant Walk was, at one time, the only bar in the Castro that made a proper martini.

So if I'm going to get anything done, I'd better get started. Have a great weekend!

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