Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I haven't got anything in particular to talk about, but I wanted to post (I'm trying to stick to an every-other-day pattern of posting), so here I am... posting. With nothing to say.

Good news for Worst Luck fans: if you haven't seen it already, I finally finished Chapter One, Part Five. It's really short, but it was really hard to write, since it was almost all dialogue, and dialogue is such a bitch. And as soon as I was finished, I was so jazzed with the creative spirit that I compiled all five parts, edited the breaks together, made some changes that had been bugging me in the individual parts, and posted Chapter One (Complete) late that night (or early the next morning, depending how you look at it).

I did a couple of more edits the next day (and ran the whole thing through a much-needed spell-check), but today I started on Chapter Two, and so what's written is the final version of the First Draft. There's forward momentum, and I feel really good about it. Really really good. Satisfied, even.

But other than that, I have nothing to report about the state of my mind (I'm in pretty much the same place I was Monday... i.e., bat-shit crazy) or the state of the world around me (which I simply haven't got the energy to pay attention to, right now). So until I do have something useful or at least interesting to say, I shall leave you with a nice little piccie (not your usual slice of beefcake, but a magazine-cover that I find quite compellingly erotic) and wish you an ultra-happy-licious day.

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