Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Little of This, A Little of That

Well, I guess I left that last post at the top for quite long enough. I haven't had much more exciting to say, so I figured I'd let it bask in the sun for a while. But I had some time on my hands today, so I thought I'd check in with you-all.

Work continues at the financial services giant, and I'm beginning to really love it there... I could see working there for years (though not doing what I'm doing, it's too dull). The people are so nice, there is no tension of interoffice politics, the colors of the walls and carpets are so soothing. And I've gotten used to my work in such a way that I don't really have to think about it too hard, I can just cruise through my tasks while thinking about something else.

The something else I think about most is getting back to work on Worst Luck. See, I have all this time on my hands just now, we had this big project that got put off because the printers made a huge mistake on one of the elements of the state-specific annuity contract kits (they printed fill-ins on both sides of non-carbon-repro paper... duh-hoy) that we were supposed to be assembling and sending out; so until the reprinted pieces come in, my choices have become to either A) go around to other departments and beg for work, or B) sit in my cubicle and pretend to work... without, I might add, the benefit of full internet access; all I can access is news and other such.

I tried Option A once, and it was very disturbing, going around asking strangers if they had any spare filing or copying to do, so I stick to Option B and work on Worst Luck during quiet moments. I'm writing a scene with the medical examiner and his assistant going over the victim's apartment in search of further clues; it's going fairly well, I'm averaging a page and half a day. The mystery part of the story is developing nicely, and hopefully I'll have something to post in a few days.

But in the meantime, I figured I'd share with you some of the wierd and amusing things I've found on the net lately, and then give you a little meme that I liked... followed, of course, by the obligatory beefcake coda.

I did this one search on Yahoo Video trying to find a video that I discovered somewhere, I knew not where, and was trying to link to as an illustration in a board-post where someone was asking how male strippers strip; the video was about these straight boys who buy one of their straight friends a male stripper for his birthday. I did not find it by typing in "male stripper" in the search window, but I did find these two:

This commercial is, I think, from some Slavic country, and is so cute!

I don't know what this commercial is for, but it's Australian and a hoot!

I did eventually find the original video by searching through my IE History, and it is very funny... I mean, a straight male stripper dancing the freaky-cooch on a straight boy in front of all his straight friends (plus there's somebody in the room with an incredibly infectious hyena-laugh).

And though this is only vaguely relatable to male strippers, it was found in the same forum at Just Us Boys wherein I found the one with the male stripper at the straight boy's birthday party. Not only is it cute as hell, but I think the kid on the right goes to my church. I stared at him every chance I got this morning, and am fairly convinced it's him... but should I ask him? I don't know... it seems creepy, for a pudgy thirty-eight-year-old queen to go up to a gorgeous teenage boy in church and ask him if he's "the one I saw in that video online." Anyway, here it is, give it a look.

But going back to YouTube, somewhere in my travels I was directed there to view Pink's new video. I don't know if you know this, but I love Pink! She's on my short list of girls I'd want to have sex with. And this video is clever as well as fun, it has a good beat and you can dance to it! Click here to watch a grainy little upload of Pink's "Stupid Girl".

I can't remember where I found this, either, though I suspect that unless I found it a Just Us Boys, perhaps Dana Marie may have had a hand in it. If you feel the desperate need to have the sound "Aaaawwww!" forced out of you, go visit the adorable cuddly creatures at Cute Overload.

If, however, you seek a mental challenge, go check out these games at Fasco; the Crimson Room took me forever, and I was so thrilled when I finally got out; the White Chamber was even cooler and more challenging, and even more satisfying to solve; the Viridian Room I had to hunt for a cheat to get out of, there were two clue items that I simply could not figure out on my own (though one could figure them out, they were so obvious when I found out what they were). The Blue Room still has me completely mystified, but I can't just give up on it yet. It's a brilliant time-waster, this site.

And now, finally, I will leave you with this very smart and tidy meme I lifted from the loverly Jeffrey at Gatsby's Ghost.


• Coffee-house counterperson (this was before Starbuck's invented the term "barista," but that is essentially what I did... except that of course I made espresso drinks correctly)
• Security Guard (shut up)
• Office Manager (simply because they wouldn't call me a "General Factotum")
• Marketing Materials Fulfilment Specialist (that's what I do now... it's a fancy term for "envelope-stuffer")

Auntie Mame (I literally wore out my VHS version and had to buy the DVD)
The Sound of Music (every time it comes on TV, plus I have it on DVD too... and I know the words to all the songs, even "The Lonely Goatherd.")
Grease (I don't really care that much about the movie, I mean I like it OK but I don't care; yet for some reason I've seen it hundreds of times)
Big Guns (it's my favorite porn, though most of the "guns" aren't all that big)

• Fort Ord, CA
• Twain Harte, CA
• Concord, CA
• Oakland, CA (I don't get around much, do I?)

Phil of the Future
Gilmore Girls

• Hawaii (two different times, three different islands)
• Disneyland
• Victoria, BC
• The Jersey Shore

4 WEBSITES I VISIT DAILY(I omit the "Daily Reads" column contents as being too obvious)
• My Yahoo (wherein I get my Horoscopes, Odd News, TV Listings, several RSS feeds, and Comics)
• Just Us Boys (home away from home)
• Webshots (for fresh wallpaper every day)
• eBay (well, lately, not every day...I'm trying to reform my shopping habits)

• Mint chocolate chip ice cream
• Meatloaf
• Pastry
• Cheese

• In Hawaii
• In a dogpile of Bel Ami models
• In Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry closet
• In his pants:

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