Friday, March 2, 2007

She's Baaaaack!

Okay, so after two or three months of complete silence on this blog/diary/whatever, I've decided to come back. I needed the break, I've been slogging away at this spot for five plus years, and I was tired of it. But I miss having the outlet. I mean, I still do a hell of a lot of writing over on JUB, and have a blog there as well; but it's just not the same, the audience is different and the kinds of things I can talk about are different.

So, anyway, here I am back. Mannersism is one of the things I've decided to work on in this New Year of the Pig (I've also rejoined the gym, see below, and have a couple of other artistic projects on the front burner, including my much-neglected novel). In the meantime, I've transferred some entries from my JUB blog to fill out this first page a little better and to catch you up on my doings. See you again soon!

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