Friday, January 2, 2009

And So It Begins...

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." ~ Woody Allen

I made a resolution to start the new year with a clean room and a clean attitude. I planned out my attack, decided what to do with all the stuff I want to get rid of (it's going to Goodwill), and took New Year's Eve off from work so I could get an early start.

And then I came down with a flu. Hear that sound? It'd God laughing His ass off.

Well, the clean attitude came into play here, and I did what I could with my room despite the weakness and the nausea and the screaming pain behind the eyeballs.

I've taken over the guest room to deal with my clothing surplus... one bed is covered with laundry, which I cart out of my room by the armload every time I exit; the other is covered with clean clothes that I intend to keep, and there's a big box (in which our new vacuum cleaner was delivered) slowly filling up with clothes that don't fit very well or which I no longer wear. I also went through my CDs, including software, and got rid of everything I don't want. Laying around and feeling miserable took up the rest of both days (as well as celebrating midnight with the Grandmother and a very ill-looking Dick Clark, watching a few episodes of the HBO series Rome, and FaceBooking all over the place...I'm totally addicted to FaceBook just now).

So once I have all the clothes out of the room, I am going to start taking out the trash... there's a lot of it, and should take up this evening fairly well (I'm now feeling a lot better and hopefully will have the energy when I get home from work). Then Saturday I take out all the pillows and stuffed animals off the bed, wash all the bedding, and cover the bed with a dust-sheet to become (for the day) my book-sorting surface. I'm emptying my shelves, dusting them (this is the important part), and putting the books that I want to keep back in nice neat order...and putting the rest into the Goodwill box. The goal is to reduce everything by a third.

Sunday I will take down the tree and put Christmas back in the attic for another year, and then on Monday I return to the gym (with all the other Resolutionists, it will be crowded) and start my diet-and-exercise regimen anew. And then, giggling God willing, I will be starting the new year nice and fresh!

Other plans for the new year include getting my finances under control (shopping may only occur when there's a surplus from the previous month) and getting a handle on my mental state (I have an appointment with my shrink first thing in February, and the diet-and-exercise thing as well as the cleaner room are designed to help lift the depression a little more in the meantime). Finish my novel, write more on my blog, go to more meetings, do more work at work (and less FaceBook), and exercise more patience with the Grandmother rounds out the list.

I'm looking forward to accomplishing some of these things this year (or at least keeping God ROFLMAOing). This is a Seventh Year of my life, and Seventh Years always bring amazing changes, so I am hopeful and excited about 2009.

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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