Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking on Imported Air

So I just came back from the scale and can report the loss of (and good riddance to) three more pounds! That makes for a grand total of ten pounds... and ten pounds are so much easier to visualize than seven... lots of things come in ten-pound increments, potatoes and flour and oranges.

Better still, it's really starting to show! Not around my tummy, so much (belly fat is stubborn), but in my face and neck and hands: I'm down to just one chin, I can see my cheekbones, and my old rings fit again! It's very gratifying.

It's also very time-consuming... planning meals, meticulously recording calories, fat grams, carb grams, and protein grams of everything I eat, looking up nutritional information online when I eat something that didn't come prepackaged... and it simply takes longer to eat a bowl of chewy vegetables and a slab of turkey than a nice soft sammidge, longer to peel and chew an orange than to peel and chew a Snickers. And then there's the gym time...not just the time I spend in the gym, which is only about thirty or forty minutes, but also the changing clothes, the extra little bit of drive, finding a parking space, taking a few minutes every morning to repack my bag, making sure my iPod is charged, and so on.

It is so time-consuming, in fact, that I haven't got time for other things that I enjoy doing... for example, I started this blog-post, as the date-stamp and first paragraph will attest, on Monday morning; however, I am completing it just before bedtime on Tuesday night. My gift apps are stacking up over on FaceBook, and I've barely made a peep on JUB. I'm even neglecting eBay!

But hey, you give a little, you get a little. Nobody ever got anything worthwhile without sacrificing something along the way... I'm giving up some leisure and a few pleasures in exchange for a much healthier (and easier-to-look-at) body. It's not an ideal exchange (one would of course prefer all the benefits without any effort at all), but it's the going rate.

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