Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Merry Xmas Eve!

It's crunch time here at the Manners Manse... due to being busy and not feeling too hot, a lot of things got put off until the last minute. Little things like cleaning the house, wrapping the presents, decorating the tree (the pictures above are from last year... but you know from a previous rant on the limitations of other people's traditions, it looks exactly the same this year... or at least it will when I've finished cleaning and decorating). Add on top of that some unexpected last-minute chores, like chasing down union officers to sign my replacement paycheck so I can have some money to buy those last three Christmas presents and have shopping-money on my birthday, or like installing our new convection oven so we can bake the Christmas pies and yams and all (we've had the oven for three days, and Uncle starts to install it, he finds another tool is needed that he doesn't have, and then he has to go to work, and then he comes back the next day and finds another problem that he doesn't have a tool for, and so on and so forth, while there's a giant hole in our wall and a giant metal box on a trolley in the middle of the kitchen floor). And then there are the usual planned last-minute chores, like making the stuffing and the yams and potatoes and anything else we think up, not to mention the labor-intensive pies, and the table-setting and hors-d'oeurve arranging (fortunately, for my family, hors-d'oeurves consist of chips and dips). Oy vei!

So, if I don't get a chance to log on again in the next two days, I hope you have a super happy Christmas and other joyous holidays!

All I want for Christmas...

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