Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Nebenhöhlenentzündung und Stirnhöhlenvereiterung

God, I love German... they have a great terrifying long word for everything. Nebenhöhlenentzündung means "sinusitis." For those who wish to be more descriptive and precise (Germans love precision), Stirnhöhlenvereiterung means "suppurative frontal sinusitis." Today I am suffering from Stirnhöhlenvereiterung. Actually, I am done suffering from Stirnhöhlenvereiterung, I am now busy suffering from the fluff-headed stupidity that is the usual side-effect of pseudephedrin and ibuprofen combined to reduce the effect of the Stirnhöhlenvereiterung.

Stirn-höh-len-ver-eit-er-ung. I love it! It makes allergy season just so much more entertaining.

That's really all I have to say today. I'll talk to you tomorrow when I am filled with the wonder and awe of Dame Edna Everage. Until then, ungestüme Umarmungen!

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