Thursday, June 5, 2003

It Could Happen to You

So I finally accepted one of the invitations I've received to join Friendster. I refrained from inviting five more people to join, thinking it rather importunate and not at all my style to invite people to something I don't know anything about (you are asked to invite five friends right after you sign up and before you do anything else); however if you are already a Friendster yourself, it would be super if you'd add me to your friends list (if all else fails, you can find me through my email address, So far I have three friends, one in Confirmation limbo, and several more people I know who I shall ask to add to my list. I have no expectations of being popular, but it seems like a nice way to meet people and to keep in touch with friends (something I always find challenging).

I had loads of fun writing my profile, but then talking about myself is one of my hobbies. I have enjoyed browsing around in the thirty-seven-some-odd-thousand profiles contained in my "Personal Network," though the search-results are so baffling in their numbers that I haven't really explored very far. I'm also trying to think of nice things to say about people, so I can contribute to the Testimonials (which sounded terribly gauche when I first heard about them, but which strike me as terribly amusing and informative now... it's one thing to read what people have to say about themselves, but it's something altogether different and interesting to see what other people say about them).

In other news, I also bought my first-ever PDA this week. It's a Palm IIIxe, which I bought brand-new for super-cheap on eBay. I don't really know how it works, yet, though. I spent an hour or so last night playing with the "Graffitti" feature, practicing writing letters and keyboard-functions in the little box with the little stylus. I have to download the Desktop Hot-Synch program in order to do any major programming, and I guess I'll do that tonight when I get home. I don't expect that this will suddenly make me very organized and efficient, but it does seem like a good way to keep a calendar and address-book and stuff like that without lugging a big old book around with me.

The main reason I bought it is because it was so cheap, and because it must be useful and easy because my Daddy has one. He asked me to order it for him a month or two ago, since he doesn't have an eBay account or a credit card for online purchasing; when I saw how inexpensive they were ($60), I thought of getting one for myself at the same time, but I wasn't sure I'd have any use for it... I figured I could always get one later if I wanted one. Well, he got his and used it and really enjoyed it... until he dropped it in the toilet and destroyed it (I did not ask what he was doing with his PDA over the toilet — I really don't think I want to know). He asked me to order him another one, as he has become completely dependent on it in the last month; while I was at it, I figured I might just as well get one, too.

So now there is another electronic object in my purse for which I never thought I'd have any use... along with my cell-phone and digital camera and car-alarm control. And the multiple computers in my life, for which I never thought I'd have a use until I got one, and then two. And the VCR and the CD-player. And the new car. All sorts of things I didn't even think of wanting, much less needing, until I took a chance and bought it.

A third entry in today's Gallery of New, Caroline and I have our appointment today at the gym to learn about the equipment and facilities. We are also getting a personalized workout plan (free with new membership!), where we will be weighed and rated, where we will express our fitness goals, and where the personal trainer will set up a recommended diet and exercise regimen that will help us attain those goals. I am looking forward to it... I always enjoy talking to energetic, athletic people who seldom comprehend why anyone in their right mind would rather lie down and read a book instead of pushing inert objects all over the place and running around in circles for no good reason.

I am also looking forward to getting started on my gym routine. I know that I am more energetic and healthy when I'm exercising regularly, and that it will be fun to do it with someone whose company I enjoy. I am also looking forward to eventually losing this unsightly flab. And filling my eyes with the passing show. And maybe, one enchanted evening, across a crowded cardio room, my eyes will meet the man of my dreams. It could happen! That's where Zach and Shiloh met, you know (but in the weight room, not the cardio room, because they're Real Men and all).

So all sorts of interesting things are happening in my life, all sorts of novel experiences and technological advances and welcome changes. Now if only I could get over this sneaking suspicion that I'm being assimilated somehow.

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