Thursday, November 6, 2003

Just a Little Bit Anticlimactic...

After coming down off the euphoria of winning the HallowQueen Pageant, after recuperating somewhat from the physical strains of the Pageant and the ensuing weekend, and after becoming accustomed to the view of my wreckage-strewn life, I find myself feeling just a trifle deflated. Getting through my work this week has been an absolute trial... just staying awake has been a trial. But when I'm at home, I don't want to sleep or clean, I just want to vegetate in front of my computer.

But while I was vegetating, I got some pictures scanned... pictures that Caroline gave me from Halloween night. I forgot to get copies of some of the other pictures, I'll have to remember to ask her about them, but the pictures I did get have been duly scanned and uploaded to a new HallowQueen directory in my domain.

In the meantime, here are a handful of pictures from that directory:

Looking just far too fierce as the crowd cheers wildly...

Kneeling to accept the crown from Carol Queen...

Caroline insisted that I put this one up, and it's too funny for words. I'm not sure if that sign is irony or absurdity.

Here're all of us'n... the Baroness with her gigantic bouquet, Caroline in her typical corruption of the standard bevel pose, Mistress of Ceremonies Pretty in her amazing butterfly gown, Caroline's beau Glen dashing in his Zorro garb, and Glen's friend T3 doing drag for his first time (straight boys in drag are so cute, aren't they?)

If you want to see more, and I really do insist you see more (but I didn't want to slow my page down forever while the rest of the photos load), go visit the HallowQueen directory and catch a glimpse of Linda Lear as Laura Palmer with megahunk en suite, not to mention cameo appearances from luminaries like Cookie Dough, Angelique deVille, Princess Johnson, Mistress Tatiana, Dazzlina, and so much more! And be sure to take a gander at my closest rival, the amazing Syphillis Diller who almost stole the crown in her polka-dot baby-doll, on the right in this picture (which I scanned large, it will take a while to load). I love her dearly, but if she'd won for her first ever drag performance, after I had been working my padded tits off for years to get a title, I may have had to hurt her.

But now it's all over, and now I have nothing left to look forward to... ahem, nothing to which I can look forward (grammar be fun, ain't it) but a new lifestyle of organization, responsibility, and being ever-so-good all the time.

Well, maybe not all the time. My experience with wielding the Baroness' riding crop (actually it's Cookie's riding crop, I just borrowed it for the Baroness) has planted a little seed in my psychosexual makeup... I'm thinking about exploring the possibilities of the drag dominatrix. I just have this terrible urge to put on really uncomfortable boots and foundation garments, and then take out that discomfort with a nice stiff riding-crop on the exposed quivering buttocks of some bound and kneeling man.

Pardon me while I retire to my chambers and ponder the possibilities...

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