Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Pain, the Pain!

My head hurts. And my back hurts. I'm not sure which hurts more, or which particular condition is causing which particular pain. I mean, this headache can't just be allergies, can it? I took allergy pills, the pain should be gone by now... or is the headache from stress or from toothache or from not wanting to be here? And is this pulled muscle in my back from building the kitchen cupboard (which I finished yesterday), or from carrying heavy objects (which I also did yesterday, a case of paper and a folding table), or from sneezing too vigorously (which I've been doing ever since those trees bloomed)? Or is it all a combination of the above, working in concert to make me miserable?

And then, I forgot that it was Thursday and parked on the side of the street that gets cleaned on Thursdays, so I got a nice little $48 parking ticket. And I can't seem to leave here long enough to get some lunch... every time I try, the phone rings or someone drops in or the copier breaks down or something, so I've been subsisting on raspberry Newtons and baby carrots all day. And an eBay auction I was watching and really wanted came up while someone was talking to me in another part of the office, so I missed the opportunity to get 32 gay-themed videos (many of which I have been hunting for ages), and the auction ended for only $58! AAAARGH!!!

This is one of those days that needs a reset button. I want a do-over.

I guess there's always tomorrow. Unless I die in my sleep. And I know I'll never get that lucky. So here's to tomorrow: I avow that it won't suck like today did. And it really shouldn't... I'll spend some time with my vibrating massager and a little time with my heating pad, and that should take care of my back; the allergy thing will either pass or else I will sort of get used to it; and I'll just avoid parking on the swept street regardless of what day it is, that way I won't have to remember if it's Thursday.

And here's to a happy tomorrow for you!

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