Sunday, October 17, 2004

Still Hurting

Though the allergies have passed along, my head still hurts. And my back hurts all the way from the nape of my neck to my asshole. Even my hands hurt. I don't know what it is, but after I pulled whatever it was I pulled in my back, there has been a sort of domino effect of pain. I'm even having random shooting pains in my arms. I think I just strained the rest of my spinal column trying to compensate for the pulled muscle, and now the entire mechanism is unraveling all at once.

So here I sit with a heating pad on my lumbar, the keyboard nestled in my lap, essentially immobilized; soon I will have to get back in bed, as the effort of holding my head up gets to be too much after a few minutes, and I've been holding it up for what seems like hours.

But to say I am "in pain" would be an exaggeration. At this point, I am merely uncomfortable. But discomfort is, in some ways, worse than actual pain... pain at least stimulates the production of endorphins, and when the pain abates there's a sort of euphoria that kicks in; but with discomfort, you just get grouchy and stay grouchy.

Well, that's all I can manage right now. I'll check in with you later... and if you have the opportunity, go see Cookie After Dark this evening at Martuni's. I won't be there (if typing is this much of an effort, you can imagine what walking in heels would do to me), but it promises to be an utterly stellar show nonetheless.


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