Friday, June 3, 2005

Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names...

This has been an unusually productive week. In the last seven days I have accomplished so many things that I've been putting off for months and even years that I occasionally have to stop and just marvel at the degree of achievement.

I've already told you about the cleanness of my room. I haven't quite finished it yet, I need to put up those new shelves as well as assemble and install the new chest-of-drawers that I bought several months ago, and then bring in all of the clothes and books that I cheat-cleaned by simply taking them out of the room; but I have finished the laundry and the dusting, and I successfully waged war on the mildew spot on the floor. And every time I walk in here, or wake up in here, or just look up from whatever I'm doing in here, I am somewhat taken aback by the cleanness... I don't think I can stress this enough, but this room hasn't been really clean in over four years, and so the cleanliness still startles me.

Then on Wednesday I had a really productive day. Starting the new month off with a bang, I installed my DSL modem and SBC-Yahoo! DSL account, so I can now surf to my heart's content without tying up the phone line (the fact that the beefcake just pours in from Most Sexy Guys at the speed of light is a mere bonus). Once I had that finished, I drove down to Caroline's auto-body shop, where I had been with her the day before, and I got the right-side-view mirror on my car replaced... after two whole years of driving around with duct-tape holding it on. The fact that it only cost $65 and took ten minutes to install made me feel a little stupid to have put it off so long, but no use crying over it now.

Next, I stopped at Home Depot and bought a new shower-head, something I've been meaning to do for weeks but kept forgetting about, since Home Depot isn't really one of my daily shopping venues. Then I stopped off at the office and did some bookkeeping work and visited with JB and AM. Then I went grocery shopping, then I picked up dinner, and when I got home I put-away and served and otherwise wrapped things up; then I rested on my well-deserved laurels.

Thursday, yesterday, I was exhausted from the unaccustomed activity as well as the continuing rattling cough that has plagued me all week (cold? allergies? I still don't know, but I find it unexpectedly pleasant to know that I can see a doctor if it doesn't clear up on its own); I nevertheless sat down and really concentrated on my writing, and I finished off "Chapter 4" of Worst Luck! I'd been working on "Chapter 4, Part 2" in drips and drabs all week, since right after posting "Part 1" in fact; and I'm not sure I like how the pacing is coming out... but I feel super to have gotten so much written in one day.

I also managed to catch the second episode of Kept while I was waiting for my marinara sauce to simmer the frozen turkey sausage into cooked form, and the show was considerably more entertaining than I thought it would be. I find Jerry Hall an unexpected delight with her funny mixture of English and Texas accents and her scattered "darlings" and her age-inappropriate hair; and after one episode, I have a favorite and a second-favorite already. The two really good-looking guys are vapid assholes, and the really nice guys are both unattractive and short (remember that Ms. Hall is over six feet tall); some are rather odd-looking, and the rest are simply odd.

"Nice" and "handsome" only seem to intersect on Jason, my favorite, and Devonric (who is better-looking than Jason but takes my second-place because he seemed too reticent about dressing up, I don't think he'd like being kept). If I had to choose a third, it would be hot baldie boxer Frank (there are no profile links, you have to play the "Hot or Not" game on the VH1 website to see all the contestants).

And the activities continue! After I finish here, I am going to go wash some dishes and take out the garbage, and then I have to prepare for a drag show. Later on this evening Caroline and I are driving up to Cotati to meet with Candie Swallows, and then from there to Guerneville to perform at a new club that recently opened in the place formerly occupied by the Eagle. I have no idea what this is going to be like, but it's kind of exciting to try out a new venue, to fly by the seat of one's pantyhose in this manner.

Then on Saturday I'm taking the Grandmother to a dressmaker who will hopefully be able to reproduce the blouse model that Grandmother loves but which is no longer manufactured. It's sad when the only blouses you like are made by one company and sold in one store, and then when one or both of them go out of business you're just SOL; Grandmother hasn't had a fully satisfying new blouse in years, and now she's been driven to have the old model custom-made (I can't wait to see the look on her face when she finds out how much custom-made clothes cost).

I don't really have any plans after that. But I'm sure stuff will come up, and I will most likely report it to you, my darling reader, as soon as it does. In the meantime, go ahead and read "Chapter 4, Part 2," or just wait for me to polish and tweak it together with "Part 1" into "Chapter Four (Complete)," which should take a week or so (assuming that I don't get a job or some other inconvenient pastime).

[Or it might take less than twenty-four hours... here it is faster than a speeding bullet, Chapter Four Complete... this unemployment shit rocks]


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