Tuesday, October 30, 2007

De Moh-NAY!

Am I the only person who watched Mel Brooks' History of the World, Part 1? I put on my Halloween costume on Saturday, and decided that I looked enough like Harvey Korman that I went around all night announcing myself as "Count de Money"... and nobody got it. Was I being too obscure? Were people too dazzled by Caroline's costume to give my self-styling a second thought?

Anyway, here I am as Count de Money (de Moh-NAY), with Caroline as Naughty Marie Antoinette, at the Castro Theater:

And here we are at the Living Sober dance with Anthony the Hot Executioner:

Want to know something? I was embarrassed and uncomfortable all night long. I had a good time, anyway, but if it weren't for Caroline's enjoyment of the attention, I would have called it a night fairly early and gone home. The whole thing of being dressed funny and getting that much attention has made a ding in my psyche that is still reverberating today. My shyness has become completely pathological. I don't like it.

Well, I'll be sporting the Count again tomorrow at work, where no matter how embarrassed I feel, I can't leave. I can always change clothes, of course, but I don't think I'll bring a change with me... one thing about that costume is that it's incredibly comfortable. It's so unconstructed, nothing binds or pinches... which is more than I can say for my usual work-clothes.

Anyway, Happy Halloween my darlings!

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