Friday, May 2, 2008

Breaking the Silence

I just don't feel like writing, is all. But I can't let you all languish in ignorance of my state-of-being, so here are some general updates:

  1. I lost my job at the end of February; the position I was occupying was horribly unnecessary, and I was bored out of my mind, and I looked bored out of my mind, and having people who obviously have nothing important to do sitting around when there are budget cuts afoot is simply not feasible, so they laid me off.

    Being laid off is cool, because now I get unemployment insurance! I've been paying into Unemployment for years now, and I've never collected any, they've always found some way of diddling me out of payment. Now I'm on it, I intend to stay on it as long as I can, squeezing out every penny to which I am entitled.

    Of course, this means I have to job-hunt again (I search Yahoo Hot Jobs daily, and am signed up at a few other sites), and go through more interviews (eventually), and get used to a new environment when I do get a new job; it also means that I had to leave a company I loved and people I really liked... but whatever. I was so bored and miserable in my job that it's a huge relief to not have to go back, despite all the people I miss.

  2. I'm growing a beard. I've been thinking about doing this for some time now, but I never have because I figured I'd just have to shave it off again next time I did drag. But I haven't done drag since January, and hadn't before that since the previous March, and I don't really feel like doing it again any time soon...and since I don't have to worry about a "professional appearance," and since I hate shaving, I decided to take this opportunity to let it grow.

    It's very gray, but I think it gives me a sort of Gil Grissom-y goodness that I quite like. I'd show you a picture, but I can't find my camera. Grandmother hates it, most of my gay friends love it, and sometimes it itches. But God how I love not shaving!

  3. Having so much free time on my hands, I have got into the habit of watching TV series again. Every day at 5 p.m. finds me on the couch catching the next syndicated installment of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family; Mondays at eight are set aside for another ABC Family series, GRΣΣK, in which I unexpectedly got very involved; Fridays are devoted to The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who on Sci Fi; and of course there's Ugly Betty and CSI on Thursdays. I have also started watching CSI: Miami (after taking a while getting used to David Caruso's unbearableness), Bones, and sometimes NCIS in reruns.

  4. Speaking of TV, I'm obsessed with the following song, which I discovered in an AT&T Wireless commercial and which is now running through my head all the fucking time!

    (Daydreamin' - Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott)

  5. I'm still stuck in the mud over at Worst Luck. I just can't get myself through the rewrite of Chapter 11. Do I keep the Aunt Ems or throw them out? What kind of dialogue would Officer Pete Kelly use in court? Is Mademoiselle Marnie of any use at all? Is this entire courtroom scene nothing but a display of my own ignorance? And after the discovery of the identity of the Purple Haired Kid, where do we go? Does the PHK meekly stand about waiting to be arrested? Or does he flee? And if he flees, should I do something to bring him back?

    The whole thing is very confusing, and I just don't have the impetus to sit down and this blog goes, so goes the novel. I'm just feeling very dried-up right now.

  6. I'm also feeling very demophobic still. After my last failed attempt at a mood-stabilizer, I have gone back to my original prescription of Prozac and let everything else slide. I feel OK, a little more depressive than I'd ideally like, but there have been no manic episodes as I feared when I went off the mood stabilizers. I see my shrink again later this month, but until I get medical coverage again (I was offered COBRA of my benefits from work, but the monthly cost was outrageous), I am a little reluctant to try any different medications.

Well, anyway, that's pretty much all I have going on in my life right now. I'm going to go back to cleaning my room and doing my laundry. Later on I'll come back and tell you about my recent obsessions with Simon Amstell, QI, and yaoi graphic novels.

Until then, have a fabulous day!

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