Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly Check-In

The NaNoWriMo isn't going quite as well as I'd hoped... it's already Day 4, and I've only written about 1500 words, less than I should be averaging each day; and the two hours every evening just isn't happening, I'm too tired by then to think clearly or creatively so I end up just reading or playing games all evening. Most of the writing I've done has been during breaks at work, and in the morning before coming in.

Hopefully, I'll be able to do some catching up over the weekend; I know last year I started on a Sunday and wrote almost three thousand words in that one day, so perhaps it's just the Monday start-date that's keeping the words down to a sad little dribble. On the other hand, I think I'm having issues with the manner in which I chose to start the story over, the scene itself is giving me a lot of trouble.

But I can't afford to rethink the beginning at this point, I just need to plow forward. As soon as I get to the next scene, it should flow a little bit better. I just have to keep plugging away at it, even when it comes in a trickle like this.


I screwed up my meds... I allowed myself to run out of Seroquel, and kept forgetting to order more over the phone; so after going without for two days, I went to the pharmacy to get a same-day pickup, but I didn't have any refills left on the prescription so had to wait another two days to get a doctor's OK before they refill it. So four days without my mood-stabilizer, and I'm starting to feel it. I've increased the dose on my Zoloft in the meantime, since it helps me sleep and seems to keep me mellow, and have kept up my Wellbutrin regularly; but I'm not sleeping as much as I usually do, and though I wake up quite refreshed and don't feel sleepy during the day, I feel kind of stupid and brittle... much as I used to feel when I was younger and missed sleep.

But I will be getting my prescription this afternoon and can go back to my regular cocktail tonight; hopefully there will be no long-lasting repercussions to this little blip in the routine. I'd hate to mess up a combination that seems to be working so well.

And that's me for today. Ciao, belli!

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