Thursday, October 15, 2020


I'm bored... I've developed the necessary skills to do the finger-pricking thing so I get results on the first try, and developed a routine of eating minimal carbs without thinking about it too much, but the lack of dramatic results has introduced a doldrums to the project. I'm already sick to death of eating fruit when I want cookies, cheese without crackers, plain roast meat instead of pot pies or potato salad. I'm sick to death of pricking myself and weighing myself every damned morning and seeing the numbers staying in the same range. And really truly horribly sick of not having the energy or afflatus to get up and exercise, which I know is what's keeping my numbers the same... I've done all I can with diet, I need exercise to get momentum... but I just can't get myself moving on it. I'm not giving up, but the temptation to give up is a lot stronger and it's all so fucking BORING.

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