Friday, January 18, 2002

Another Friday Rolls Over Me

What is it about Fridays that make me so stupid? Is it that I get worn out by the previous four workdays? Is it because there usually isn't anybody else in the office? Or is there some sort of Cosmic Transferrence of Idiocy that converts all of us normally-astute Capricorns into drivelling Aquarians? Whatever it is, I feel just empty-headed today, and I felt that way last week, too.

Now that I think about it, I believe it's because I'm often alone in the office on Fridays, and so don't have anything to interrupt me from going into my computer-induced reality-trances. I spend so much time shopping my wish-lists and looking at porn and writing blogs and emails and looking up links and researching arcana that I simply lose touch with reality; and then when the phone does ring, or some task does need completing, I'm simply not up to the challenge. Plus I do tend to get a little tired after working all week (especially with this new getting-up-at-8:30-in-the-morning fetish). So these two things together make me stupid, flighty, pointless. I guess I should start taking Fridays off and distributing my hours around the other days? It would certainly make sense.

But then, when would I download all my porn? You need a little privacy for that sort of thing...people walking past your desk become alarmed when you drool uncontrollably, or when they go to make copies and get an eyeful of Big-Dicked Twinks; and dowloading at home is out of the question...God knows when the Grandmother is going to come barrelling through (plus the graphics capabilities of my at-home machine suck).

Whatever. While I'm considering these niceties of erotic imagery in the office, I'll leave you this piccie to oogle at.

Don't drop that towel, honey!

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