Thursday, April 24, 2003

Is It A Photo Blog Now?

I have nothing to say right now, and no time to say it in... when I get to work today I am going to put my nose directly to the grindstone and finish writing all these goddamned meeting minutes, no more excuses, no more procrastination. I'm sick to death of looking at them and thinking about them, I just have to DO them. Like ripping off the Band-Aid all at once.

So in the meantime, they say a picture is worth a thousand words... so here are some pictures from the conference in San Jose I was telling you about last time, with running commentary in my own ghastly caption style (just in case a thousand words isn't quite enough).

Drag in broad daylight... what will they think of next? And I just love that dress. Ross, $14.99!

With the theme from Charlie's Angels playing, they turn on the heel and give you plenty o' attitude: Angelique, Lorraine, and Cookie.

Angelique DeVil makes friends wherever she goes, even in a forest of Harleys. The dyke on the bike was named Angelique, too. Love is in the air, gender confusion abounds.

Lorraine Dubonnet wows the Little People at a sidewalk boƮte.

Our indefatigable emcee and the hostess with the mostes', Logan was reluctant to be photographed with one of his eleyashes dangling so inelegantly, but nobody can resist the call of the flashbulb! Especially when Angelique applies the Vulcan Death Grip.

Miss Cookie Dough giving us some patented Hillsborough clench-jaw fabulousness.

I'm thinking of sending this one to the Mirror Project.

And this guy I don't know... yet. I read on a fansite that he's going to be starring in a new version of Tarzan on the WB. It will be canceled after six episodes, and his acting will be execrable, but I will tape every one and drool. Besides, he's worth rather more than a thousand words, if only a thousand repetitions of Humminahumminahummina.

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