Friday, May 2, 2003

Over the River and Through the Woods

Well, my darlings, I'm off! Yes, I know I've been a bit off for quite some time and it is your own natural politeness that prevents you from saying so. But nevertheless, I am off to Camp Meeker (I looked up links, and apparently there's a whorehouse there... I won't link to that, though, I'll let you do it) to enjoy the Annual Gay Men's Fourth-Step Retreat. I won't be working on my fourth step this trip, though... I'm too immured in my eighth step right now. I will, however, be enjoying the fellowship and the cuisine as I work on my eighth step instead of my fourth.

On the other hand, I had to rent a car to get to this retreat, as Miss Marjorie is still ass-up in the driveway. My sister diagnoses "wiring trouble," but won't have time to deal with it until Sunday. So I went down to Enterprise and asked for the cheapest car they had on the lot. Since I didn't have reservations, my choices were a pickup truck (not enough room for my luggage... it is raining after all), a Cadillac deVille (too expensive and too big to drive on windy mountain roads), and a PT Cruiser. So, much to my chagrin, I am now driving around in a black faux-vintage station-wagon. At least it has a CD player. And it's quite comfortable on the inside. But I'm so embarrassed.

I would probably be less embarrassed if I hadn't been very and frequently vocal in my disdain of the PT Cruiser (and the New Beetle, and those goddamned Minis that make me want to lay about them with an aluminum baseball bat). But God these things are stupid-looking.

Anyway, I'd better be scooting. I'm way behind schedule, and it will take me at least two hours to get to Camp Meeker in this rain. I'd hate to miss dinner. So toodles, my dears, and I'll check in again on Monday!

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