Monday, May 5, 2003


I am so effing tired I could just lay down and die. I had a marvelous weekend, but I just didn't get any sleep at all. I never do sleep well away from my own bed; but add in the fact that the strange bed was iron and intensely squeaky (it woke me up every time I moved), the sounds of fifteen or so other guys who don't apparently need sleep as much as I do galumphing around overhead (I was in a downstairs room of a very rickety building), and all that disgusting clean air and pine trees and other effluvia, and it's a miracle I got any sleep at all.

Here are some pictures of the retreat grounds.

I was so interested in the greenery that I never even took pictures of the lovely buildings of St Dorothy's Rest (but you can see some lovely drawings by following the link). This is what you see when you walk out of the main building.

Here's a more open vista, where I climbed out onto a promontory that juts out from the one of the forest trails.

A rushing waterfall I encountered on my walk Saturday morning. It rained all day Friday, but cleared up on Saturday... so everything was wet and clean, and there was lots less pollen in the air than there might have been.

The oldest of the many staircases carved into the hillsides over which St Dot's is scattered. It's made up of seven buildings spaced fairly far apart on several acres of woodland. The original buildings, such as the main hall, the chapel, Miriam House, and Lydia House were built in the early 1900s, using the camp/cottage shingle style that was so popular in those days, and the last buildings (boxy boring Berton House, and rickety hill-clung Lincoln Lodge, in which I was quartered) were put up in the 70s.

These are newer steps, which I had to climb to get to my room in Lincoln Lodge... unless I wanted to walk around by way of the road, which was much longer and only slightly less steep. I got a lot of cardio work this weekend.

Proof positive that I was, indeed, walking about in the woods quite willingly. I took this picture by sticking my camera into the crook of a tree and walking backwards from it. On the way, I dropped my coffee cup. Fortunately, it was empty (I hate to waste good coffee).

I have more pictures. I haven't uploaded them yet. But it's pretty much more of the same. I'll tell you more tomorrow, as well as the stories of my weekend from driving in the rented PT Cruiser through shopping in Guerneville through performing in a drag show right here in my own home town. But right now I'm going to bed. I'm too tired to continue.

Nighty night! (Yes I am aware that it is not strictly "night" yet. But "Eveningy evening" is a bit clunky)

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