Wednesday, May 7, 2003


The work is mounting up here in the office. The Boss has started me updating the webpage almost daily with new bulletins. I have to get a general election out by Monday or Tuesday (general elections go to the entire membership, which has to be sorted into eight subsets, and it takes bloody forever to organize). I haven't paid the bills yet, or done the per-caps or the filing that is stacked up all over my desk. The phones will continue to ring and letters will need to be written. I am becoming overwhelmed. Strike that, I am overwhelmed. To the point that I just want to crawl into bed and hide.

At home, I spent this morning rearranging my room so the window-men could replace my windows. That means that I had to pick up all the clothes and books and magazines that were on the floor and put them in boxes and bags (I filled four garbage bags with clothes and four paper-ream cases with books and magazines... and that's just the dirty clothes, there's probably another two or three bags-full of clean things in the drawers, not to mention all the things in the closet that I practically never wear, and then the shelves and shelves of books that are sitting where they belong... I am beginning to suspect that I may have too much stuff); then I moved the shelves of videos and the television from the end of my bed over in front of the closet, which had taken me some time to get closed; then I pulled all the storage boxes out from under the bed (two 4x18x36 plastic crates of porn and one filled with school papers, diplomas, and photographs) and stacked them in front of the desk; then I dismantled my bed and shoved it in front of my desk and bookcase.

So now all the space around the windows is clear, but all the other portions of the room are stacked to the ceiling and about 85% of my possessions are down in the basement. I also hurt my left wrist and my back in the process, so I am groaning and grunting through my day, only vaguely soothed by a steady stream of ibuprofen. And when I get home, I will have to put it all back together before I can get into bed and lick my wounds. Perhaps I'll just stay in the office... it's less work. And I won't have to ride the bus (my car is still kaput).

Oh, well. As one of our members pointed out to me today (when I answered her cheerful and rhetorical "How are you?" with a sullen but honest "I've been better"), at least I'm alive and healthy. She's just recovering from cancer, so her outlook is somewhat more spacious than mine, and her valuation of life much higher.

Well, I can't just sit here bitching all day. But before I go, here are some pictures from the drag show on Sunday last:

Miss Caroline, Miss Me, and Miss Angelique at the Bench & Bar for the Cinco de Mayo Show. I forgot the first rule of maintaining one's fabulousness: never allow oneself be photographed standing next to people who are thinner than one.

Angelique and Caroline giving 'Tude. Caroline is showing off the peridot jewelry she made this weekend (when she's not out stalking the male population of the Bay Area and getting them to buy her dinner, she likes to relax with a bit of beading).

Standing sensibly solo in my red sequined silk cardigan set. I bought that at the Marin General Hospital Thrift Shop in San Rafael last year; the adorable elderly ladies in the store knew the other elderly lady who had donated it and were thrilled to be able to tell her that the lovely old rag would be paraded across many a glamorous stage as part and parcel of Miss Marlénè Manners, drag queen extraordinaire.

And in close-up, showing my gorgeously fabulous but horrendously heavy bronze earrings from Paris, France. I have been making a point of buying French products whenever possible, but have been limited in my scope by not drinking wine or spending more than fifty dollars on any one item of clothing. What I wonder is, if we sever diplomatic ties with France, will we have to return the Statue of Liberty? We should ask the other Miss Manners, Judith Martin.

RGDC Royal Crown Count Frank Salerno poses with our hostess for the evening, Grand Duchess VI Sohorny Beaver. Sohorny is such a sweet and lovely person, and her gowns are a revelation; Frank is charming and adorable, and I think Caroline is getting a little crush on him.

* * * * *

So anyway, that's all I have uploaded for now... I took a lot more pictures, but I have been so rushed! One of these days I'm going to get some rest, and then the day after that I hope I will be able to get to some of these projects that have been taking a back seat to work and family concerns lately. In the meantime, though, I always have time for beefcake:

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