Tuesday, August 3, 2004

En Vacances

I don't really have anything to say, in fact I need to leave in about ten minutes to go meet my sponsor for lunch and a good long talk, but I didn't want to leave the last post at the top any longer. I'm not angry anymore, in fact I don't like to stay angry for more than a couple of days, no matter what... anger is such a wasteful emotion. Instead of being mad at Kellie, I can take that energy and devote it to entertaining her children.

Yesterday was the first day of my official one-week-off-from-work Vacation, and I rather enjoyed it: I spent almost the entire day in bed watching videos (Chicago, Down With Love, and To Wong Foo...), reading a book (Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House), and eating (bacon and eggs served by a small cousin in bed, a bowl of lime jello, a bunch of grapes, and a handful of Brach's candy... not mentioning the food I ate outside of bed).

I would have blogged then, but I stayed off the internet as much as I could stand, as yesterday was also Grandmother's birthday (she's 86 now), and the phone-calls were coming in from all over. And though I'd like to write a little more and read a little more, I have to jet off to Solano Avenue for my lunch date... oh, I think I'm going to be late... must dash!


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