Saturday, July 16, 2005

Me No Feel So Good

The Depression continues to kick my ass, and the heat kicks my ass, and unemployment kicks my ass. In general, my ass is pretty well kicked. My ass is, in fact, getting pretty sore... and not for any of the right reasons.

The world is this fucked-up mess, everywhere I turn there's bad news or some disturbing social trend or some tragedy happening somewhere. The Republicans continue to rape the country, religious zanies undermine our civil liberties, and the newest generations of passionate young people simply couldn't care less. When even Vanity Fair makes you want to cry, your world is simply not a happy place. I am on the verge of declaring a media blackout in my life until I'm better able to cope.

Part of the sadness comes from my reading material, though... I was sifting through a shelf of books looking for something to revisit, and realized that I'd never read Christopher Rice's A Density of Souls, which I bought pretty soon after it came out a couple of years ago. It was good, beautifull written and chillingly characterized, but by no means a cheerful little tome; actually it was quite sad in places, and in some places I would go so far as to say it was irredeemably grim. I should have read some Wodehouse instead.

Something really terrible happened to my world this week, too: Most Sexy Guys, my favorite web domain, closed down because of those stupid new laws governing internet images. I used to spend the whole day surfing that site in between doing other things; hundreds and hundreds of images were added daily, and even with DSL and no job, I could never see everything that was posted in a twenty-four hour period... but I sure loved trying! Now what am I supposed to do with my day? And where am I supposed to get my fix of male beauty? It's the saddest thing.

On the other hand, I was so bored yesterday that I finally managed to finish rewriting "Chapter 7 Part 1," which you can read here. It covers the same bit of story, uses many of the same paragraphs (heavily edited), and ends in the same place as the first version; but I think it is truer to the characters, furthers the plot better, and is paced and worded more elegantly. As always, I crave to hear what you think.

Tonight was Ducal Ball, from which I just returned, and I performed this year. I had a good time, too; Madasin and Angelique and everyone was there. It was pretty low-key, and therefore low-pressure. Still, I wasn't quite satisfied with my performance... I had one wardrobe malfunction after another and so ended up wearing a dress I hadn't intended to wear, and which didn't fit quite right; I also made the mistake of wearing four-inch heels and a super-tight corset after having not been in drag for almost two months, nearly a record for me. But everyone loved my number (I did "Glitter and be Gay" from Candide, one of my favorite numbers), and the outfit I wore afterward was quite comfortable (with lower heels and a looser corset), so it all worked out fine.

And the best news yet, my very own personal copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came in the mail today (I pre-ordered it months ago), and I couldn't be thrillederer... more thrilled, that is. In fact, I want to go read it right now.

Have a beautiful day! And for my next trick, I am going to try out Blogger's new image-hosting system. I hope it works!

Cool, it does work! But let's try something larger this time...

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