Monday, July 11, 2005

Slower Than [Substance] in [Month]

Wow, has nearly a week gone by since last I wrote? It doesn't seem that long. I can't even think what I've been doing these last six days that prevented me from writing. I mean, aside from not having anything to write about. I can't really think what I did all last week.

Well, of course, weeks are always shorter than I think they are... I wrote on Tuesday, and I went out with Shiloh on Friday and with Caroline on Saturday, and then had dinner-and-a-movie with Dean and Dalton in their new home on Saturday evening, and then church-and-all yesterday... so that only leaves Wednesday and Thursday unaccounted for. And, yeah, I have no memory of doing anything in particular on either of those days.

Oh, wait, now I remember Wednesday: I went out to Concord to help Daddy pack for his move. We didn't do much packing, though... I drove him out to the VA hospital in Martinez to get some medical release so his regular doctor can send his records up to Yountville, then helped him finish his applications papers; then we went to the post office, then stopped at the store to pick up some cantaloupe and ice-cream (I had one of my sudden cravings), and then watched two reruns of Who Wants to be a Millionaire on the Game Show Network.

Then I went out and put some junk from his shed into the garbage can, but after about ten minutes of inhaling mildew fumes and encountering an entire metropolis of termite grubs policed by a few dozen enormous centipedes (I think they're called centipedes, you know those big flat oval-shaped bugs with the jillions of tiny legs), I freaked out and had to stop work for a while (and wash my hands all the way up to the armpit and comb my hair thoroughly... the bugs hadn't touched me, but I felt like they were crawling all over me anyway); then we watched two episodes of Win Ben Stein's Money, and then Daddy went to a meeting and I packed up his videos and started on his office. Then I got tired and went home. So after a whole day in Concord, I packed one and a half boxes and filled one garbage can: woo-hoo!

Since I did all that on Wednesday, it's a fair assumption to believe that I spent all day Thursday doing absolutely nothing at all... probably tweaking with my Sims, and wondering why all of a sudden my staircases install as windows. It's a terrible mystery.

I've been working on Worst Luck all week, too, I decided to start "Chapter 7 Part 1" over again from scratch, not using any of the text from the first version. But it's been slow-going, I've only got a couple dozen paragraphs... and though I think they're infinitely better than the first version of the chapter-part, I can't be sure. That's why I need an audience. But I'll let you know when something is done.

I have things I could write about now, like topics of conversation I had with Shiloh and our friend Andrew on Friday, and how Shiloh locked his keys in his truck and had to pay a buttload of money to some shady locksmiths to get them out because he doesn't have AAA, or the fun I had with Caroline out shopping in Berkeley and eating Korean soup for lunch, or about the very disturbing movie I saw with Dean and Dalton (Final Destination 2, the imagery of some of the deaths was extremely, well, vivid), or some thoughts on letting Grandmother think that all this church-going is actually turning me into a Christian... but I'm afraid I really just don't feel like it. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm off in a few minutes to take the Grandmother over to Kaiser to have her hearing-aids looked at (she has follow-up appointments all the time to make sure she's using them correctly), and then I think I'll do some more work on Worst Luck. Or maybe I'll just watch TV. I don't know.

Hope you're having a super day!

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