Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Seven, Seven, Seven...

I do believe I've been wallowing. I've barely left the house these last seven days, I've done pretty much nothing in the house. Loaded the dishwasher a couple of times, ran some errands for the Grandmother, but that's about it. But I've watched a lot of television, contributed a little to the message boards, did a little work on my novel, did a little reading, and... and nothing else. I didn't think it was possible to fill up seven whole days with so very little.

I'm having a very hard time motivating myself to do anything. There are things I know I need to be doing... looking for a job being the top of the list, with laundry running a close second... but I just can't seem to make myself move. "Monumental lethargy" is how I'd describe it. But I don't feel bad... I actually feel pretty good; I just feel very still.

Whatever. As always, when I am short of material, I will take a meme from Dana Marie. Since I haven't posted in seven days, I thought it was appropriate.


Seven Sevens

1) Seven things I plan to do before I die:

  • Have a higher balance in my savings account than on my credit card.
  • Visit England, France, and Italy.
  • Fall in love with someone who is in love with me.
  • Have a home of my own.
  • Finish writing something that is worth publishing.
  • Get published.
  • Pay for sex.

2) Seven things I can do:

  • Balance anybody's checkbook (except my own).
  • Imagine how someone else might feel.
  • Remember thousands upon thousands of useless facts.
  • Learn things quickly.
  • Enjoy beauty.
  • Write about things and people and ideas, usually with good spelling and dazzling grammar.
  • Tell the difference between a shrimp fork and an oyster fork.

3) Seven things I can't do:

  • Understand why anybody would choose to be ignorant.
  • Understand why anybody drives slower than they have to.
  • Understand sports.
  • Eat avocadoes or celery.
  • Make myself throw up.
  • Give birth.
  • Stick my elbow in my ear.

4) Seven things that attract me to a man:

  • Looks, of course! I could be all New Agey and say I notice a man's aura, or his eyes or some intangible whatever, but the fact is that the first thing I notice about a man is his face/hair/body/hands/etc.
  • An offbeat sense of style.
  • Intelligence and diction.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Vulnerability.
  • Strength (which might seem the opposite of the above, but really isn't).
  • A deep, rich voice, preferably with a slight sibilance.

5) Seven things I say the most:

  • Anyway.
  • Whatever (and its close relation, Whatever).
  • I don't want to.
  • Leave me alone (actually, I seldom say that out loud, but I say it so much in my head that it counts).
  • Get out of my way! (but only in the car)
  • Hello! (but never Hel-lo!) Not only do I say this every time I answer a phone or meet a person, I also say it when I see a cute guy.
  • I wish...

6) Seven celebrity crushes (with links & pix):

(And yes, I know... I'm going straight to hell for sexualizing something so young-looking... but he's so damned cute! And he's not really underage, so relax.)

  • Brad Pitt (even when he's playing scruffy or crazy, though I do prefer when he's pretty)

(and now I discover there were only six sevens in the meme. Some people have no sense of balance and organization! I'll fix that myself with...)

7) Seven brief pieces of advice for posterity:

  • Never bathe a cat.
  • You can't change the past and you can't control the future.
  • Never get into a battle of wills with your own hair... you will lose.
  • There's no such thing as "free"... everything has some degree of cost.
  • It's better to be pissed off than pissed on (my mother's favorite phrase).
  • Never have sex with someone you wouldn't consider marrying (that one came from my dad, and he should know).
  • There are no clashing colors, there are only undesired effects.


I can't believe how long that took. I started this on Tuesday morning and it's now Wednesday morning... twenty-four hours later! And while I can't claim to have been working on it for twenty-four hours solid, I am amazed at how long it did take.

The main problem is that my computer is broken, something unpleasant happened to the power-supply, and I can't afford to have it fixed right now. I have been using the office's laptop, which I really need to return but am hoping to keep on loan for a little while longer, until I can get my desktop computer fixed. In the meantime, I do not have access to my nearly two gigabytes of electronic images. So when I was putting in the pictures above, I had to go hunting for them, I couldn't just get them off my own hard-drive. Big pain in the ass!

So anyway, I am going to go hit the job-boards, take my meds, and start a cleaning project that Grandmother wants done. And get started on my laundry! The Prozac makes me sweat, and I'm going through my t-shirts at hyperspeed.

Hope you're having a splendiferous day!

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