Tuesday, December 27, 2005

J'ai trente-huit ans!

This has got to have been the most unspectacular birthday I remember ever having. It was pleasant, mind you... but wierd. For one thing, I've never in my life had to work on my birthday, so that was something new; there I was slaving away at the elevator company, entering data and whatnot, writing this special-to-me date on mysterious reports and breakdowns. I usually go shopping on my birthday, too... but unfortunately I am a wee bit broke (though I did buy some underwear today, it was an emergency, I'm on my last pair and I won't have time to do laundry until the weekend), and work kept me occupied, so no outlet-mall orgy for poor little me.

But still, it's been a nice day. I got some nice e-cards, and a couple of cute prezzies; yesterday Caroline and I went down to Santana Row for the Aveda Store Birthday Aromatherapy Treatment, which entails sniffing a lot of essential oils with your eyes closed until you find the one you respond to most positively, of which they then give you a little complementary bottle as a gift. I was so thrilled with the freebie that I bought a $20 candle and an $8 lip balm, which used up the Visa gift card my aunt gave me for my birthday on Christmas. Then Caroline took me to lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy, where we gorged ourselves on her gift cards from her Visa Rewards Program. And today after work I went out to Corte Madera and was treated to dinner and some (window-only, unfortunately) shopping with my friend and former coworker JB. When I got home, I got another gift card from my uncle who'd come by to cart some crap out of the garage (tomorrow is Big Garbage Day), and a really cute lamp from my sister, who'd come by while I was out, and a phone call from Daddy who's out of town on vacation this week. So all in all, a rather nice birthday.

Even-numbered years don't do much for me, though. I can't remember any of them with very much clarity... it's always the odd-numbered years that stick in my mind. Seven, thirteen, nineteen, twenty-one, twenty-seven, thirty-five. So here's looking forward to a nice dull year, which I need after the various professional and medical tumults of this last year.

So thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my yawny little birthday! I'm off to bed now, I have to get up at six these days in order to be to work at 7:30, and I should have been asleep an hour ago (and my Tylenol PM is starting to kick in). Nighty-night!


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