Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Me Big Man, Build Things

You wouldn't believe what I spent my entire weekend doing: in the process of Organizing My Room, which is Phase II of the Taking-Control-of-My-Life Project, I spent the weekend building shelves. I feel like such a man now.

Of course, it's not like I went and bought a bunch of raw lumber and a router and such (am I the only one who thinks that guy on PBS's New Yankee Workshop is really creepy?)...the two sets of bookshelves came pre-packaged, finished planks with cut-out things where one inserts strange bolts and turns them with the little tool, which resembles the key that comes with tinned sardines (side-note...have you ever tried opening a ham or a can of sardines without the little key? It can't be done, which is why we have a drawer full of little keys salvaged from old cans). The wall-mounting shelves were similarly prefinished, almond enamel racks and 'maple' veneered shelves. But still, more than a little assembly was required, I had to obtain new tools, there was sawdust and drop-clothes involved, and I felt utterly, unspeakably butch afterward.

I mean, I bought them at Home Depot. And I enjoyed being at Home Depot (there was an unusual number of cute guys there). I also bought, while I was there, a studfinder, a level, and an electric screwdriver. So manly! And I really enjoyed assembling the bookcases and mounting the shelves on my walls. I even enjoyed moving my furniture and arranging my closet and all that crap. I had a really fun weekend doing work!

Sometimes I worry about myself. Whatever shall become of me?

Fortunately, this coming weekend is going to be very different from the last two...no housework, no home improvement projects, no domestic drudgery of any kind. Just a drag show! Yay! And a Valentine's dinner. Hmmm. And church. Gack.

Maybe I should get some more shelves instead...

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