Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Patience and Tolerance...Wuzzat?

Ah, those Cardinal Virtues. I used to be steeped to the gills in Virtues. Now I'm just a mess. I have to get back my patience and tolerance, as well as all my other virtues that I've misplaced in the last few months...or years. I don't remember exactly when I started on the downward spiral that I currently ride, it may have been fairly recent, it may have been coming on for some time. Hard to tell. But I know that when I had patience and tolerance for my fellow man, I also had love for my fellow man (it all goes together). And, though I seem to have lost track of it lately, my own personal philosophy is that the Purpose of Life is to Laugh and to Love.

Anyway, I heard something very wise tonight, and I am going to take it out in virtual needlepoint right here: Patience is like a muscle: everyone has it, but you have to exercise it to make it grow. Ain't that a kick in the rubber parts? Arnold Beckhof says?...via Harvey Fierstein? One of my all-time favorite movies (I'm talking about Torch Song Trilogy, in case you didn't know). I could use a good cry just about now...I wish I had it on tape, I would put it in, fast-forward to that echt scene where Harvey and Anne Bancroft (as Arnold and Ma) have the big showdown, and at the end of the scene Arnold is holding the little totems of all his loved-ones as Ella Fitzgerald croons "This Time The Dream's On Me"...that scene always chokes me up.

Goddamned sentimental pap. Ooops, that slipped out. Exercise tolerance and patience, Marlénè! And a one, and a two!


I have to go take out the garbage now, and get in bed, and all that.


(Sorry, no piccie tonite...I don't want to overload the page so it takes forever to come up...scroll down and revisit an old favorite, OK?)

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