Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Odious Malefactors of My Serenity

I'm submerged in this project that I thought would take me a couple of hours, which I figured would feature having to walk back and forth from the kitchen table to the copy machine as the hardest portion of the task. But now I discover that the project is actually cursed...and has taken me two days so far.

The project was to create four binders containing all the documents pertaining to a member's case for use in an appeal. No big deal, I thought. Then all the little problems started happening. First, I didn't have four matching two-inch D-ring binders. Then I didn't have enough dividers to separate all the sections of the documents (it looked like about ten or twelve).

So, when I got back from the Office Supply store with new binders and dividers, I discovered that the documents in question were not arranged in numbered sections, after all: they were arranged as lettered "exhibits"...twenty-eight lettered exhibits (so I still don't have enough dividers). And then I discovered that the 'exhibits' weren't in alphabetical order, either, they were just sort of piled, some of the stickie-notes labeling the exhibits were missing, so I had to read the master document to discover what the exhibit was supposed to be. Then the copier started misfeeding and screwing around. All I want to do now is cry.

Oh well. Small price to pay, I guess. After this is over, I will be almost entirely project-less. Summer is really here, finals are over, most of our membership is on vacation to points unknown. Oh, blessed Quiet! Yay! I can clean my desk (yeah, right), catch up on my filing (oh, that'll happen), and spend more time on the internet! With you! And with these guys:

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