Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Soooooo Sleepy!

Well, though it's still springtime everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer seems to have landed here in the Bay Area. It's been hot for the last two days, and looks as though it is going to continue to be hot for the forseeable future.

Hot weather is nice, I guess, as it induces the shedding of clothes...and though one pays the price by having to see people unclothed who should, in all fairness, remain eternally behind closed doors (and brick-&-mortar walls), one does get to see the occasional hunk wandering around shirtless...or better yet, in satiny basketball-shorts and a low-cut peekaboo tank, with a glowing sheen of sweat on his tight ridged flanks and sturdy gold-dusted thighs...oooohhhh...mmmmmmm...

Pardon me a moment while I compose myself.

Unfortunately, my Northern European blood just can't take temperatures very far above 70°F. As soon as the warm weather starts, I slip into a cranky stupor. I feel sticky and stupid and (I think it bears repeating) cranky. And oh, so sleepy! I've been ready to fall asleep all day, I was nodding over my lunch and had to prop my head up at my desk to keep it from crashing into my keyboard. Of course, once I did manage to get home and horizontal on the couch, I couldn't sleep, or even rest—I just feel too itchy and yucky and hot. I know that my body will acclimate eventually, probably just in time for Winter, but until then I am just absolutely suffering agonies in this heat.

What I really need right now is a nice shower, and freshly-laundered sheets on the bed, and a bowl of ice cream. And a good book, an electric fan, and satin pajama-bottoms. I have none of these things, at the moment. I can get the shower pretty easily, once I finish here at the computer (I'm sure the warranty doesn't cover immersion); the fan just needs to be plugged in, and the satin jammies are right there in the closet...but I don't have fresh sheets (I only have two sets, and the other set is still in the hamper since my last aborted laundry-day), I don't have a good book (I haven't been book-shopping in weeks, perhaps even months, certainly not since I became addicted to Suzanne Somers bracelets), and we're out of ice cream (we used the last of it on the peach cobbler, see below).

Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to improvise. Shower, fan, jammies...and Melatonin. That ought to do the trick. Nighty night!

Oh, wait a's only 9:15 pm. That won't do at all. Not at all. I wanted to watch Six Feet Under! And if I go to bed now, I'll wake up at like 5 am, and I won't have anything to do for hours and hours (except of course clean, exercise, meditate, go to work early, or anything else useful)! Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to suffer a little while longer. In the meantime, I can glance at cooling images like this one:


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