Tuesday, July 9, 2002

I'm Almost Famous!

Philo over at East/West cast me in his all-blogger redux of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...I get to be "Henrietta Salt," mother to the ghastly Veruca and wife of the odious nut-magnate Henry Salt. Hurray! I won't let you down, Philo...I know I only have one scene and two lines, but I will out-bitch the bitchiest bitch you know! Now for wardrobe...should I wear sables or chinchilla? Pearls or coral or the newly trendy turquoise (with diamond clasps, of course)? The distant and forbidding mother-figure in me is leaning towards sables and pearls, while the vicious society gorgon in me tends toward chinchilla and turqoise. What to do, what to do? I'll just have to somehow inveigle myself into more than one scene.

On the other hand, after I thought about it a while, I realized that my character would be required to loathe my odious nut-magnate husband, who in this case is played by Bill at Mermaniac, one of my all-time favorite people. This is why I can never manage ensemble acting...while I am always perfectly willing to portray that which I am not, I find it impossible to believe that people I know are something they are not, and to be able to react convincingly...I have so little suspension of disbelief once I've met someone. Oh well...maybe if Bill managed to act in an odious enough manner, I could come to loathe him for a little while? So much of one's success on the boards relies on one's co-stars. If nothing else, I can reflect that he has way more lines than me...

Oh, here's another brush with fame: as I was looking over snapshots from SF Pride over at PlanetOut, I found a photo of our contingent! Only, it was one of the go-go boys (I can't keep their names straight in my head, but I always think of this one as "RJ"), the other contingent monitor (Kelly from Arkansas), and some other guy I don't recognize, along with the tail of our Merlot-colored Chrysler Sebring and the corner of Miss Candie's blue rump-pillow. Once again, not quite fabulous enough for publication! SOB! Oh, well, I'll just console myself with the picture (by Soren Wolf, probably copyrighted to PlanetOut):

Why am I still awake? It's like 12:40 at night here. I have to go to work tomorrow. I need to get in bed. I need to go to sleep. I need a cookie first. Then brush my teeth.

And since I now have so many images uploaded into my domain space, I can give you a second photo for this post, something a trifle more professional...but also notable for its lack of Marlénè.

Buona notte, darlings!

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