Monday, August 26, 2002

Another Hundred

Well, wandering around the web today, I took note of this interesting meme or project or whatever it is... and my regular readers will now be braced for yet more superfluous information about ever-so-fascinating Me.

100 Things about Me

(formulated randomly, then placed in alphabetical order by third word)

1) I've attended 17 different schools.

2) I'm not afraid of death.

3) I am an ardent Anglophile.

4) Nipples fascinate and sometimes horrify me.

5) Baroque art, architecture, d├ęcor, and music make me horny.

6) I'm not as much of a bitch as I like to pretend.

7) I was attacked by spiders when I was four.

8) Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty's Waltz" is my favorite piece of music.

9) I have been fascinated by pornography since I was three.

10) I've never been stung by a wasp.

11) I never believed in Santa Claus.

12) I like big cubic zirconium better than little diamonds.

13) Orchestral violins bore me.

14) I was born on an Army base.

15) My favorite card game is Rummy.

16) I hate cats, but all my friends love them.

17) I dislike change, but do not fear it.

18) I need coffee to live, but I'm not very picky about it.

19) My favorite color changes every few months.

20) I do crossword puzzles in ink.

21) I enjoy driving.

22) I am easily entertained.

23) I love egg-shaped things.

24) I love elephants.

25) I don't enjoy dancing in public.

26) I seldom ever celebrate my birthday.

27) I am forever fascinated by my own writing.

28) I'm very forgetful, yet I remember so many irrelevant things.

29) I come from a family of unusually large-headed people.

30) I look good in bright colors but prefer to wear neutrals.

31) I've never had a wet dream.

32) I've never had a pet that died of natural causes.

33) I've never had a passport.

34) I've never had a suntan, only burns and freckles.

35) I haven't had sex in over six years.

36) If I had to choose between my survival or my scruples, I would be dead.

37) I have hairy feet.

38) No one has ever been in love with me.

39) I think I could do a pretty good job as a member of the British Royal Family.

40) I wish I'd done a lot of things differently.

41) I believe in Reason and Scientific Method.

42) Religious people irritate me.

43) My mother is a WASP who aspired to, and succeeded in becoming, White Trash.

44) My father is a natural-born mechanic.

45) Cruella DeVil is my favorite cartoon character.

46) Ella Fitzgerald is my all-time favorite singer.

47) I don't know how to cheat at games.

48) I don't like beaches very much.

49) I don't like being naked unless covered in blankets or water.

50) I only like hot chocolate when it's raining out.

51) I don't like oral sex.

52) I hate Madonna.

53) I buy magazines just for the pictures.

54) Pastel colors make me anxious but I wear them anyway.

55) I think men in suits are sexy.

56) Jewelry is my favorite inanimate object.

57) Chiffon is my favorite fabric, but I own very little of it.

58) All of my life I've had difficulty going to sleep and difficulty waking up.

59) I hate my middle name.

60) Both of my parents live in mobile homes.

61) I can never find a pen when I want one.

62) I did not have more than one friend at a time, and many times had no friends at all, until I was in the eighth grade.

63) I do not look in mirrors when I pass them, though I used to do so compulsively.

64) The first number I ever performed in drag was Alison Moyet's "Midnight Telephone."

65) The sound of dentists' drills makes me cringe.

66) The sight of my own blood nauseates me.

67) I am often envious of beautiful people.

68) I am one-eighth Chinese.

69) I stick out my tongue when I'm concentrating.

70) I love painting my nails.

71) It really pisses me off that I'm not beautiful.

72) I was potty-trained at nine months.

73) I still remember my high-school locker number and combination.

74) I can rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time.

75) My name should have been Charles.

76) I look stupid in hats.

77) I am surprised and excited when I find a word I don't know.

78) My favorite tea is Earl Grey.

79) I can tell the difference between a fact, a belief, and an opinion.

80) I believe that beauty exists on its own terms and is not in the eye of the beholder.

81) I think that blood relation is a stupid reason to love someone.

82) I think that romantic love is a stupid reason to get married.

83) Advertising is the genesis and the bane of the Information Age.

84) People are the most fascinating things on Earth.

85) I love the smell of pipe tobacco.

86) I used to be blond…first naturally and then chemically.

87) I have to force myself to look into people's eyes when I'm talking to them.

88) I love to laugh.

89) I used to think Tom Cruise was hot, but I don't anymore.

90) I've only twice had an orgasm when someone else was there.

91) I don't understand how electronic devices work, but I can operate most of them.

92) I have very sharp but very weak teeth.

93) I hate waiting.

94) I've always wanted to play the piano, but not badly enough to learn.

95) I've always wanted to be a ballet dancer, but now it's too late.

96) I've never watched Casablanca all the way through.

97) I love wearing sweaters.

98) I never wished or said that I wasn't gay.

99) I have worn briefs most of my life.

100) I like to write about myself.

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