Thursday, January 23, 2003

Ac-cent-tu-ate the Positive...

Blogging twice in one day, what is the world coming to? To what is the world coming? When am I ever going to settle down about prepositions at the ends of sentences?

I'm listening to Shirley Bassey's Greatest Hits and reveling about in the richness of her bitch-fabulous voice and all these bitch-fabulous instrumentals. I wish I could perform Shirley Bassey, but she's too... what's the word I want... too intense. She's also heavy, deep, rich, and ballsy. I could do one or two of those, but not all five. Besides, I now associate her voice with Miss Daisy, Miss Ivy, and Lypsinka (all of whom I've seen pee all over the stage with Shirley songs), and I never like to cop other girls' vocals. I also this evening bought The Remix Album... Diamonds Are Forever, which is so HOT it makes me squirm. The beginning of the "Goldfinger (Propellerhead Mix)" is just an audio orgasm, is all. I almost drove my Volvo into the SUV in front of me while I was listening to it on the way home this evening. I wanted to get Miss Marjorie right up on that Escalade's ass and start pumping away, you know? Funkalicious, it is.

For the last little while, as I skim my blogs and get my groove on with Shirley, I'm browsing through this very interesting French website (which would qualify as "adult" so you might want to look over your shoulder and check for snoopers before you click). It's apparently all about this very pretty young man named Lacika. I think... the site is peculiarly bereft of text, and what text there is is in French, so I'm still working out what it all means.

At any rate, it's obvious that this boy is an erotica model, and the work of more than one photographer is presented. Most of the photography is rather pedestrian, though every once in a while something artistically good pops up. But what I am finding most entertaining is the "At Work" gallery, which is a bunch of amazingly random and seemingly pointless snapshots of Lacika and various others on the set of a porn or erotica movie called Journal Intime (and I only figured that out at about the fifteenth picture, which is a scan of the film's retail box, which lets us know that there is a certain amount of spanking promised within). The pictures aren't pornographic themselves, though some are at least suggestive of porn, but the reasons behind the particular scenes and frames are a complete mystery. It's all so exquisitely nonsensical, so deliciously absurd.

Go look at the "At Work" part before you look at the rest of the site... it's great fun to be completely in the dark (I haven't even got to the end of it as I write, so I will be discovering along with you... oh, now he's modeling for a sculpture, this looks interesting). Then look at the rest of the pictures, as this boy is very interesting-looking. In some pictures he is as pretty as an angel; in some he looks like Decadence Itself. In some poses he looks as innocent as a spring lamb; in others, about as innocent as a flesh-eating virus. He's just fascinating. Also the site has nifty graphics, cool animated buttons and an animated gif I've stolen for my own amusement (but not to use, God knows what kinds of copyrights are on it).

When I was picking up the Shirley Bassey CDs at Best Buy, my real reason for being there was to procure that larger 64-mg Sony Memory Stick I wanted, and more rechargeable batteries as well as a camera-case... so now I can take my digicam on the road. No more being limited to pix of the immediate vicinity of whatever computer, I can start taking pictures as I wander around town and hither and thither and yon. I've noticed, though, that this site already loads very very slowly (at least on my dial-up it does), and posting pictures, even thumbnailed down to 250 pixels wide, slows it down so much more than is really practical. I'll have to think about that. I sometimes wish I actually knew something about design and programming, rather than just making it up as I go along and getting hints from Microsoft FrontPage. But I suspect that's not my role in this life.

So, anyway, I think I'm going to start taking pictures of things that portray my view of the world. I think sometimes the best photography is not just capturing beauty or composing light and shadow, but rather used as a form of communication - this is what the world looks like in my eyes. Like earlier today, on the way to Best Buy, I was sitting at the stoplight at the intersection of West MacArthur and Telegraph, and was rather taken by the composition of red and pink lights all around me, the peculiar combination of neon signs and traffic lights and car-lights in that one vista. There was this really satisfying balance to what my eyes beheld. But getting pictures of such things will be a bit difficult, it will take time and practice. Like capturing that vision that clutches my heart when I gloat over my jewels in a room with numerous little halogen lights... cameras, even digital cameras, capture light differently than the eye captures it. So it becomes a matter of tricking the camera into seeing what you see. Or at least, that's how it seems to me.

Work today was better... after writing the previous post, anyway. I think that has something to do with my lightened mood (along with the aftermath of retail therapy, the joy of Shirley, and an eyeful of Lacika). The paycheck thing has been worked out, I got all of the office bills paid so they won't turn off our phones (and my internet access!) or repossess our copier. I know where we stand, mostly. It's very soothing to know where one stands. If I could get my co-workers to chill out a bit, to look at the near future instead of the recent past, we might have some nice peace and a return to the camaraderie we've enjoyed. After all, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (so to speak), and we know the Wizard is just a little man behind a curtain, so I think it's going to be comparatively smooth sailing from here on out. But I'm still leaving that place in May, so who cares if it's smooth sailing or not? I'd like it to go well for my coworkers' sakes, but I just don't have any vested interest in the place anymore.

Well, Shirley has ended, I've finished seeing Lacika'd torso being covered in plaster (hot and technically interesting at once), I can't think of any other topics of interest to beleaguer, so I think I'd better be getting to bed. I have a lot to do tomorrow, and it will be harder if I haven't slept. Hugs and kisses!

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