Friday, January 10, 2003

Artsy Fartsy

Perhaps you are wondering why I've suddenly taken up daily blogging. Well, part of it is because things are uncomfortable, yet not terribly busy, here at the office (the Boss-Lady came back from vacation in order to finish tying up her business so she can resign with a clear conscience... while I appreciate her being here to answer questions and her efforts to tie up loose ends, I'm not sure what emotional reaction is required of me: am I supposed to display sadness that she is leaving us? am I supposed to display indignation that she had been so put-upon by the executive body? am I supposed to display anger that I'm going to have a new boss soon? am I supposed to display gratitude for all the Boss-Lady has done for me in the last three and a half years? I just don't know what she wants me to do and what I actually feel — besides irritation at the inconvenience her leaving is going to make in my quietly-ordered life — so I am being my usual WASPy distant self with just a hint of supportiveness and loyalty showing on the surface as I churn out letters and copy files); and partly it's because I bought that digital camera (at the behest of a mysterious Little Voice... though actually it was because Walt bought one, and when I followed the link to see which kind he bought, I wandered into Best Buy's website and saw one that I wanted, and it all snowballed from there until I ended up buying my own Three Kings' Day Present), and I want to share my new piccies with everyone.

Last night I experimented with lights and flashes, taking pictures of things around the house, at night but without the flash. I came up with the following rather interesting (I think) and artistic (again, in my opinion) images:

The first image is the porch-light seen through the grille window in the front door; next is the wall-sconce in the hall (I love this one for some reason... something about the colors and the distempered paint makes me think of romantic decay and desuetude); then an almost aerial shot of my bedside table, with amusingly telling book-titles; after that is a close-up of a wall-mirror frame in my Grandmother's bedroom; a close-up of the etched glass cover of my bedroom ceiling-light; and finally a rather sinister view of the doorbell chimes in the hall, which I've always loved (even though they don't work). There's something awfully satisfying about finding interesting angles and shadows in commonplace everyday things... I think it's probably why there are so many such photographs in the world. The accidental beauty of quotidian life.

I suspect that these pictures are very affected and silly, but I like them, and I am affected and silly, so they belong here in my blog.

Well, I have to get to some work... another reason I am blogging just now is that I am avoiding stuffing envelopes again. It's just an Exec mailer, only eighteen envelopes, but each envelope gets five separate pieces. It's not difficult, or even all that dreary... but it's one of those tasks that I dread, out of all proportion to its unpleasantness.

After work, I am going to see The Two Towers, and I am SO excited! I can't wait for another dose of Orlando Bloom as Legolas! He's so scrummy! We (Caroline and I) are also going to be seeing this film in a brand-new AMC theatre that is enclosed in a brand-new shopping venue, Bay Street, and we're very excited about that, too. I love finding new places to shop! And this one is wedged between Powell Street Plaza (where I often shop at Men's Wearhouse, Ross, Trader Joe's, and Tower Records) and IKEA (where I never shop, but love to browse and people-watch... I mean, you've got to love a store that has it's own souvenir shop), which in turn is almost adjacent to the EO Center (Emeryville-Oakland) with Best Buy and Office Max and Funcoland and Home Depot... God how I love discount warehouse shopping.

So anyway, having managed to kill enough time that I will be able to leave as soon as I finish stuffing those measley eighteen envelopes, I shall sign off with a combination beefcake photo and post reference:

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