Friday, January 31, 2003


I just heard from Steve at Pyra Labs, there was a little glitch in the migrating process but my missing posts are tucked away in the database somewhere, and shall be returned to me as soon as possible. Praise de Lawd, mah babies are safe!

I'm still a little irked by the fact that not all of of Blogger's systems are aware that I upgraded my account and ponied up the required 47 ducats (35 for the Pro, 12 for a year's ad-freedom). When I log in to Blogger Pro's homepage, there is still an "Upgrade Now" come-on on the page. When I checked at BloggerControl to see how my Issue was faring, there was a little banner which explained that the delay was due to the fact that I am a free service user (which I read as "freeloader," though I'm sure that's not what they meant) and first attention must go to paying customers. But, as the technicians always point out, BloggerPro is a new service, for which I paid a low introductory fee, and you can't expect too much from an infant system that is still largely under construction. Key word in that sentence: Expect. It's always about the expectations with me.

Whatever, I'm just glad I didn't lose my text. It is so precious to me. And I really want to go over and re-edit that post that Jhames linked to... it was a good piece, but still a little rough, especially as to theme and organization. I want to work it into an essay.

I don't want to go to work today. I'm trying to think of what I have to do today, and whether or not I can leave it until Monday. But no... I have to pick up our dues and fees Income from the District Payroll, I have to deposit the checks, and put out a mailer to the executive body containing an agenda with a number of attachments, one of which I still haven't finished writing (the minutes to the last meeting). I suppose I could easily let the minutes slide, we often don't get minutes passed for months at a time (though "Minutes" are the second thing on the Agenda, right after "Agenda Review," the meetings usually jump right to whatever the people in the room were discussing or arguing about before the meeting started, and such formalities are usually skipped over. But even if I let them slide, I still have to mail out the packets. And though I could leave the banking until Monday, it's easier than the mailer so I might just as well do it today.

I'd still so much rather sit here in my bathrobe and frivol the day away. My stomach still feels ucky, I need a shower but don't have the impetus to go take one, and I just don't feel like putting on clothes at all.

I wrote a little song about it. Want to hear it? Here it goes (with abject apologies to Bernstein & Sondheim)

    I feel shitty,

    Oh so shitty,

    I feel shitty, and gritty, and gray!

    And I pity

    Any fool who tries to get in my way.


    I feel grumpy,

    Kind of lumpy,

    I'm so frumpy and stumpy I ache!

    And so shitty,

    I can hardly stand to be awake.


    Who's that horrid fright in the mirror there?

    (What mirror, where?)

    She's so frightful, how can she live?

    Such a puffy face,

    Such a messy coif

    Such a gastly look

    It's too much to forgive!

    I feel queasy,

    So uneasy,

    It's too cheesy, how greasy I feel!

    I'm just old, sick, tired

    And kind of surreal!

Okay, I'll go take a shower, have some more coffee, dress myself with as much panache as I can manage, and just get it together and go about my business. After all, I have cause to rejoice! Mah babies are safe! And there is beauty in the world. And I don't feel as yucky as I did yesterday. Gratitude, children, gratitude is the key to happiness.

Though I would certainly feel more grateful if I got to shower here...

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