Thursday, June 6, 2002

Bitchety Bitchety Blech

It's too hot for me today. It was too hot yesterday, too. It will probably be too hot tomorrow. In four days, I will have gotten used to the which point, in true San Francisco Bay Microclimate fashion, it will get suddenly cold and/or damp. And then I will bitch about that. Although I tend not to bitch so much about cold weather...I rather prefer it. I very simply look better in sweaters than in sweat.

There is this one entire department of one of our colleges that I hate. And they are going to be in the office with me tomorrow, squabbling over their department chair elections, fucking around with their petty power-plays to the detriment of the fifty other honest and collegial departments in the system. In the struggle between this one dourly manipulative cowplop and this other bonhomous bullshitting dirtbag, the entire institution of faculty department chairs chosen by the faculty of the department is being endangered. But do they care? No! They both want to be department chair, and they don't care what else happens. God, some days people piss me off so much I just want to kill them. Anybody have a good recipe for arsenical almond cookies?

I am completely coordinated in shades of light khaki, today, including my CTS brace (though I don't have CTS...instead, I have a small arthritic spur in my wrist, and sometimes I have to keep it immobile so the surrounding tissue can recover). I look cool, calm, collected...which just goes to show the power of facades. I in fact feel like an imploded mess. My fingers are so puffy (from the heat...did I mention that I don't like being hot?) that my ring doesn't fit, and feet are swollen so my shoes feel tight. Yucky ucky poo-poo.

My comments are still down. Some hackers broke into the system and ruined it, and the owner hasn't gotten it back online yet. I can't really complain, since it's a free service, and I can't help because I don't even know what PHP is, much less how to fix it. I tried changing over to SnorComments, but the installation instructions just confused the hell out of me, so I guess I won't be doing that. And come to think of it, I get so few comments anyway that it's not like I'm missing out on something. If you have something to say, you can always email me...and if it's amusing, I'll post it in whenever I do get my comments back.

Well, I guess that's enough random complaining for one day. I scanned a lot more Versace stuff yesterday from my coffee-table tomes, Men Without Ties and Do Not Disturb, but I haven't uploaded them yet (another little complaint, but again not worth the effort) the meantime, enjoy this one:

Doesn't he look just too deliciously cool?!

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