Friday, June 7, 2002

Feygeleh Friday

That's a Yiddish word for "fag" (with creative spelling). It also means "little bird"...isn't that cute?

So I really don't have anything interesting to say...but for all you weekend readers, I didn't want to leave you hanging with yesterday's bitchfest, so I thought I'd better give you some words and ideas and images to chew on.

Speaking of images, I just uploaded a bunch of pictures, including some old snapshots of Lil' Ol' Me when I was just a baby...a twenty-odd-year-old baby, but a baby all the same. I just can't get over how skinny I used to be! I'm surprised I didn't slip down drains more often in my youth...thank god for these big feet! Have a look (I hope you have a fast connection)...

Smoking keeps you thin! Me with regrettably platinum hair and rather too much makeup in 1992.

With my good friend and dreadful roommate Jason, dining at the Bench & Bar, 1990.

On stage at the B&B, must have been Oscar-time...1991? I was really into headbands then.

And this is how I looked at family gatherings. I think that was Thanksgiving '90. Wherever did all those cheekbones go?

With my beloved sister Suzie, around Christmas that same year. We had lots of fun playing dress-up that evening!

To update on some of the things I bitched about yesterday:

A) It seems the heat has let up a bit. It's still too warm for a jacket, but at least it's not too warm for skin, as it has been for the last few days. I didn't break a sweat all today! But I still felt sort of dull and lethargic anyway, I don't know why.

B) only one of the hateful people came for the ballot-counting today, and the vote came out quite decidedly in favor of the Dourly Manipulative Cowplop. So that's the end of that one. Phew!

C) Though I feel disloyal to Uigui when I complain about my ongoing lack of comments (rather than complaining about the lack of commentary left here), I took Amanda's advice and checked out the YACCS comment system. I had investigated them when I first put up comments, but they weren't taking new users at the time. Now they are, but only in batches of 25, every six you have to log in on a sixth hour before you can get it. It's like playing have to jump in just at the right moment, or wait for the next right moment. By the time I get that figured out, Uigui will probably be back online. Oh well, I never said I was a genius. I'm just a sub-genius.

Well, I guess that's enough babbling for the time being. Tomorrow I have to do laundry (I'm on my last pair of underwear again), and I'll hopefully remember to take a "before" picture of my room and post it here...there's a saying that goes: "The very least you can be is an example of what not to do." I figure if someone sees what a sty I live in, that person won't feel quite so bad about his or her own sty. In the meantime, have a gander at this loverly creature:

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