Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Check-In

Here I am once again doing my Saturday Check-In on Monday... I was busy on Saturday with the Alameda Royal Grand Ducal Investiture show and party (where I was made a Royal Dame of the Court), and then dinner at The Dead Fish with Caroline (she was craving crab); and Sunday I gave myself a Mental Reset Day where I stayed in bed all day doing very little and thinking even less... playing games and reading and napping. It was a very pleasant weekend, though I'd like another day to do the things I was planning to do on Sunday other than lay around in bed playing games and reading and napping... like setting up Claudius's new tank, which I've been putting off for over two months, now.

I'm actually engaged in the contemplation of a major change to my bedroom: it occurred to me last time I cleaned that I only sleep on about half of my bed; it's queen-sized (naturally) but the side nearest the wall is always stacked up with books and videos and stuffed animals... the area cleared for sleeping is actually narrower than a twin bed. So I'm thinking about changing to a twin bed (or a "single"... also naturally), specifically a daybed that I can use as a couch during the day and sleep on at night.

Of course, I can't afford it right now, which is why we're stalled at the contemplation stage. There's one at IKEA that I like, which is $400 and is white with high sides and three enormous drawers underneath; but then there's one at Penney's I like even better, which is leather and gorgeous and only $700 with the optional leather-fronted trundle (or $500 without).

My thinking is that having more open floor would be a good idea, it would give me a more expansive sense of space in my room, and might make the place less depressing. And while waiting to save up the money to buy the thing, I will be trying to decide if I want to place the bed in front of the window or along the inside wall; the latter would require rehanging all my wall-shelves, but I think that might be fun.

Of course, this whole exercise is one of procrastination... putting off doing anything to my room until I can buy the new bed. But it's fun thinking about, anyway, and better than not doing anything about my room without having an excuse.


I'm still taking the 75mg of Seroquel, and the drowsiness has passed off, so I'm going to stay at that dose; and I've reduced the Wellbutrin to 200mg and added 25mg of Zoloft (this week...I'll be doing 50mg next week), and have no ill effects to report. In fact, I've felt pretty good all week... productive at work, cheerful-feeling most of the time; and when I went to Investitures on Saturday, I didn't get anxious at all. Let's hope this lasts.


Weight and exercise are all related, anyway, so I'm conflating them lexically as well as categorically. But no gym again this week... however, I don't have the nearby parking space this month, so I'm walking 2/3 of a mile daily at work, to and from the edge of the 2-Hour Parking zone where I leave my car. My weight is holding steady at 225, but I'm feeling a bit more fit and toned... more than the daily walk will account for.

So that's what's up with me this week. I'll be back later on to do a picture post, so stay tuned!

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