Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekly Check-In

I am so ready for the elections to be over... the ads are driving me nuts. When are we going to have an election reform bill that forbids expensive television and radio ads? I'd totally vote for that! Until I can vote in any way other than in person or by mail, all electioneering should be done in person and by mail... if I could vote online or through my TV or radio, then it would be appropriate to electioneer by those media.

But I suppose a lot of jobs depend on political advertising... if only the ads were clever and funny the way that ads for products are. There is one anti-Meg Whitman ad that makes me giggle, with a Pinocchio hat drawn on her and her nose growing, pointing out things she's said about Jerry Brown which aren't true. And there's a Carly Fiorina ad that absolutely slays me... it has all these rather dramatic claims about how partisan politics have ruined the state (neglecting to mention that Ms. Fiorina is herself a partisan) and shows dramatic Dorothea Lange Dust Bowl-type imagery, but it cites no actual facts, it's all insinuations and inchoate threats. Then it shows the most unflattering picture of Barbara Boxer in existence, which makes her look like an octogenarian dragon-lady, followed by a little blip of Ms. Fiorina (who is fourteen years younger than Boxer but looks much older) in flattering studio light approving the message.

The thing about these two super-rich CEOs running for office that I find kind of amusing is how they keep stressing that they have "real world" experience while the other candidates are "career politicians"... as if the political arena was not part of the real world, as if decades spent in government unsuits a person to work in government. Not only have neither of these women ever been involved in the political process before, they haven't ever before taken any interest in politics, with spotty-to-nonexistent voting records... how do they think they're suited for political jobs?

I almost want them to win the elections so they can get in over their heads and discover that politics and business are completely different animals. But I believe that between the two of them, the state would fall from being a bit if a mess to being a total disaster, and I don't think we can afford that just to teach these corporate overlords a lesson in politics.


So, in response to the sleepiness I was experiencing, I reduced my Seroquel dose by a third; and though I did not feel sleepy all week, I felt a lot of other things I'd rather not feel: depressed, anxious, horny, irritable... usually in turns but sometimes all at once. So I went back to the full dose and my mood returned to "normal" (or as normal as I have come to expect), and my sleepiness returned. I wonder what would happen if I tried cutting the third pill in half? I think I'll try that next week and see what happens.



And that's me for the week. Have a good one!

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