Friday, November 27, 2020

General Update

Life is continuing fair. I'm still on my diet and it's still working, more or less--my blood-sugar is down to 113 average over the last seven days, my weight is finally under the 300 mark; but I'm impatient with the time it's taken to lose a meager 25 pounds and 50 or 60 mg/dL... I feel like it should be more, as hard as I've been working at it. I'm getting fairly regularly exercise, now, at least, Caroline and I walk up to Safeway every other day, a little over a mile and a half, and it's getting easier each time. The depression is still heavy on my heart and mind, I've added an extra antidepressant per my doc but it hasn't shown any results yet. And the NaNoWriMo is a bust, I've given up at about six thousand words. I'm going to keep working on that novel, though, I'm interested in it, I just can't write a lot at once these days. I'm still trying to find a new method that works with my current energy levels. So that's me in a chunky nutshell.

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