Thursday, April 25, 2002


I just got back (actually, I got back an hour and a half ago...Blogger went offline for a bit while I wrote this) from a most satisfying lunch with my co-workers at Ratto's in Downtown Oakland. I had my favorite lunchmeat, mortadella, on my favorite sandwich bread, Dutch crunch, with all the fixins (dijon, mayo, thin-sliced red onions, pickles, romaine lettuce, tomato), and my favorite soda, Stewart's Key Lime. Ah, utter, actual bliss!

So anyway, I am feeling a lot better. I'm just sort of getting used to the allergies, rather enjoying the light-headedness, my brain is finding quicker routes to get from Thought A to Thought B, and my general mood has improved greatly. Then, also, yesterday was Secretary's Day (now "Aministrative Professionals Day"), so Joanna bought my lunch and Barbara brought me a beautiful bouquet of yellow and pink lilies (the polleny stamens were thoughtfully snipped off) with purple and yellow tulips. The Boss Lady didn't do anything...but then, I didn't remind her, and if I don't remind her of things, nothing happens.

Later this evening I am going to San Rafael to see History Is Made At Night, with Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur, at the Rafael Theatre; beforehand, dinner at The Broken Drum; afterward, dessert at Max's. So this looks like it's going to be pretty much a banner day!

On the other hand, I just reconciled my bank statements with Quicken last night, and discovered that I spent well over two thousand dollars so far this year on drag clothes and jewelry (about a third of my total income). I'm going to have to institute some budgeting measures here, or I am going to bedeck and bejewel myself right into the poorhouse. I'll be the best-dressed woman in the soup kitchen! The glittering centerpiece of the Welfare office! I'll stake out some territory on a freeway offramp and stand there with a sign reading "Will Work for Diamonds and/or Valentino." Or maybe just get myself a rich boyfriend.
    Only-occasionally-fabulous drag queen, 34 yo 6'3" 211lb, with unpredictable mood swings and fierce sense of independence seeks socially presentable wealthy gentleman to pay her bills and leave her the fuck alone when she's in a bad mood in excahange for weekly necrophile-style sex and periodic dominatrix fits...
Any takers?

Oh the meantime, I can at least console myself with this sort of thing (online beefcake is one of those Best Things in Life that actually is free):

If you wanna ride, don't ride the white horse...

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