Sunday, April 21, 2002


Why does rain fall from up above? Why do fools fall in love? Why does my mother's house smell so bad that the smell followed her to my car yesterday and stayed there until I Febreezed the entire interior this afternoon? Why is my Grandmother's church so incredibly irritating and terrifically tacky? Why do otherwise intelligent and attractive people waste their lives and intellects justifying their own self-destructive behaviors with drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and worthless violent stupid partners? Why can't I find a copy of Stephen Fry's Moab is My Washpot on the shelves on any of the bookstores I frequent? Why did I post that incredibly long web-survey on Friday? Why do I leave it up? Why isn't there a better word for "fabulous"? Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten while hot-dog buns come in packages of eight? Why does the government artificially stimulate industries instead of fostering new ones? Why do people destroy their happiness by harboring unrealistic expectations? Why does my right wrist hurt? Why do I care about any of the above?

Because. Just because.


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