Sunday, April 14, 2002

Sunday, Sunday...Lotsa Fun Day!

I am having difficulty gathering my thoughts today. Severe Drag Hangover (I won First Runner-Up at the pageant last night, in case you hadn't heard). Taxes, both mine and my Grandmother's (I now make almost as much money as she does, and yet I never seem to have any cash at the end of the month...she maintains the house and buys all the groceries, yet she always has something stashed away...I should study that, though I imagine it has something to do with my shopping habit). Weather switching from almost unbearably hot to quite ridiculously cold without a proper segue (leaving the wearers of board-shorts in a peculiarly stiff position...mmmmm, board-shorts!). Listening to a great CD compiled by Bill over at Mermaniac, in honor of Liza's Wedding, with some of the greatest music I've ever heard in my life (some really obscure tunes, too...the kind of thing I just love, cabaret and parodies and arcane blues and rare cast recordings, all very cleverly themed and beautifully boxed—thanks gain, Bill!) A new episode of Queer as Folk that didn't make any sense at all and contained the ugliest drag queen since Nathan Lane. My new Game Shark that I just bought isn't new at all, doesn't even have cheats for my newer games like Perfect Dark and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine...and here I am still using a Nintendo64 when everyone else has Game Cubes and X-Boxes and Playstations. And I just realized that I was so busy preparing for the Pageant that I forgot the Friday Five! Sob!

I want to write more, but I am just drawing blanks right now. Check back tomorrow and I hope I will have regained what little wit I can claim. In the meantime, here's something in shorts to consider:

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